12 months, 12 places, 12 races!

women stretchng after a run


With the help of my friend, coach and running hero, Veronica Miklaski, I have compiled a list of races around the world, to help you stay on the move all year long.


If you love traveling and you love running, you will love this list!



Run Disney and kick off the year with a touch of magic! Chose your challenge: 5, 10, 21 or 42 km.



In the month of Saint Valentine’s, fall in love with nature. Discover an adventurous, diverse and beautiful path when you run across the Andes between Chile and Argentina with El Cruce Columbia. If you are curious about the experience, ask Veronica in the comment section below, she ran it in three unforgettable days.



If the third month of the year finds you in the USA, you can head East for theRock & Roll race series in Washington DC and treat yourself to a speedy city discovery route of 21 or 42 km.



How about a goodbye winter 42km challenge in one of the most beautiful cities of the world? Run your next Marathon in Paris!



Join runners from the world over at one of the wonders of the world, for a thrilling challenge: The great wall marathon. You can run a full 42km, 21km or have a touristic try at the 8.5km fun run.



Running Paradise is possible on Earth… you just have to make it to Phuket!

With a choice of 5km, 10km, 21km and 42 km roads, I’d chose the latest, just to see more of it, wouldn’t you?



Run off trail by the first sunrise of the Planet in beautiful New Zealand: sign up to the Hammer Nutrition Hawke’s Bay Trail Run Series.



Uncover the colourful skin of a mountain that spends winter dressed in white, in the 1/2 Marathon de Mont-Tremblant.



If you have the time, spend a week and discover every corner shop, but if hours are scarce –as they usually are– take advantage of the Berlin Marathon or Half Marathon and see this amazing city in a breeze. On the other side of the Atlantic? Visit my home town and meet me at the finish line of the Oasis Montreal Marathon, half-Marathon, 10km, 5km or 1km.



I may be bias for growing up there, but Buenos Aires should be in everybody’s travel bucket list. Carreras y Marathones Nandu offer 21km and 42km of crazy “porteñas” streets to sweat off the night’s “asado.” 



I want to run a part of you… New York, New York! Does it need any further ado? THE New York Marathon.



Close the year with a cheers. This 10km may be more about the “cañas” with new found friends than about the challenge, but what better place for a new beginning than Barcelona? Run into the adventure of a new year with New Year’s Eve Cursa dels Nassos.


Where does running take you? Share your favourite run below!


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