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Meditation might be getting trendy, but like most trends, it’s for good reason. (Unlike much of what happened in the 80’s. There’s no good reason for crimped hair.)


Over these thirty days, we want to help make meditation a regular practice in your life. Not that we needed the evidence – ‘cause after a few days you’ll simply FEEL a difference – but study after study is showing the beneficial effects meditation can have on your mind and body.


Lower stress. Improved sleep. Better concentration and focus. Controlled blood pressure. Every aspect of your health can be improved with a little more breath, mindfulness and quiet time.


Join this growing community of mindful meditators to learn a variety of meditation techniques from a variety of wonderful instructors. The entire 30-Day Meditation experience is yours for the taking. The basic 30-Day Challenge is FREE.



This year we’ve once again picked out some of our favourite meditation instructors to guide you to stillness, peace and quiet. Experts like Suzanne Slocum Gori, Grace Dubery (Lolë Ambassador), Carolyn Anne Budgell, Dawn Mauricio (Lolë Ambassador), Emerson Lim and many more! All you have to do is find a comfortable seat, hit ‘play’ – and let yourself be guided through your daily meditation.



WHEN: Begins on February 2nd, 2015


WHERE: Online/your home


WHY: Because it’s the fastest, easiest and cheapest way we know to reduce stress and improve your health.


(And you could win some fabulous prizes.)



What’s Included for FREE:


Daily emails containing an audio meditation recording.


Ongoing support, Q&A, and discussions – don’t forget to join our 30-Day Meditation Challenge Facebook Group.






​​And, if you upgrade your 30-Day Challenge to the tuja Meditation Premium Experience (40-Day Challenge), you’ll get all kinds of other meditation goodies. Click here to find out more.




The LOLË family is proud to join Tuja Wellness for their 30-Day Meditation Challenge. All month, we will be sharing with you Meditation content to help you complete your challenge.
Check out your closest Lolë Atelier to see their weekly meet-ups organized just for you!


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