4 Fitness Facebook fan pages worth “Liking”

lole fan page


In addition to teaching exercise classes and writing/blogging about fitness, I manage social media accounts for fitness brands. So it’s no surprise that I have an interest in combing through sites like Facebook for fitness trends, useful posts and entertaining content.


In this blog post, I share five Facebook Fan Pages that I think are worth your “Like,” and why you might benefit from bringing them into your Facebook fold.


1) Lole Women

You already love Lolë Women, and if you haven’t yet discovered their Fan Page, you’ll love that, too. It’s the fastest way to find out about new styles and events – and maybe even win Lolë Women swag. They recently ran a clothing giveaway campaign on Facebook, and with more planned for down the road, now’s a good time to get on board!  My favorite part of the Lole Women Facebook Page is the inspiration I get when a post featuring an irresistible Lolë item pops up in the news feed: Anything that inspires me to explore lolewomen.com is deserving of a “Like.”


2) IDEA Health & Fitness Association 

IDEA holds one of the largest fitness conferences in the world and their magazine IDEA Fitness Journal regularly wins awards for outstanding reporting. So if you like to stay in tune with what’s what in the world of fitness – not only for trend reports but for cutting-edge education – it’s worth clicking “Like” on their Page. Facebook perk: IDEA sometimes posts articles for their fans that are otherwise only available through IDEA membership.


3) Fitness Trainer Brett Hoebel

A former personal trainer on The Biggest Loser, Brett Hoebel is an amazing motivator, and that comes through on his Facebook Page. I like dropping by to check out what inspirational quotes he’s put up recently (they’re thoughtful ones, too, not cheesy posts like you see a lot of on Facebook). Plus, you’re bound to find links to video clips from top TV networks and articles from major magazines featuring Brett’s fitness advice and expertise on staying in shape.


4) SELF Magazine

If you like browsing through women’s magazines devoted to health and fitness, you’ll enjoy SELF’s Facebook Page. It offers a nice variety of eye candy (style shots and food photos) mixed with education, such as articles from the magazine and real-time Q&A’s with celebrity trainers. What I like best: The recipes and workout playlists that are just a click away from SELF’s Fan Page Timeline.


Over to you: What’s your favourite health/fitness Facebook Page?

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