4 Smoothies to Kick Start Your Day


Here are five smoothie ideas to kick-start your day whether its breakfast, lunch or snack. Mix and match the suggested ingredients below to your taste.

With health at the heart of Quebeckers’ concerns, Metro has set up the My Healthy Plate program and is constantly working to increase its range of healthy products and to implement initiatives to facilitate the lives of our clients when it comes to making healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Since 1947, Metro and its suppliers have been present in the everyday life of Quebeckers. Metro wants to help them fully enjoy life by offering a wide range of quality products, its expertise as a grocer, and its advices and recipes.

These recipes are offered by Metro, your local grocer, who has the health of Quebeckers at heart. Many other healthy recipes are available on metro.ca. Come and meet us at the Lolë White Tour in Montreal for more surprises!


Watermelon and strawberry summer salad