4 Tips for Winter Cycling

As winter arrives, the days get shorter and the temperature drops, many women shiver at the idea of riding their bicycles on their daily commute. However, if you are well equipped and prepared, cycling season can easily go on for weeks, even months.

Here are some tips to keep the season going!

1. Protect the Toes and Fingers and Dress Appropriately

A pair of warm waterproof boots, the Sublime winter hat, thin enough to be worn under a helmet, and the Shanta gloves are essential to an escapade in cool weather. As for clothing, you must choose natural, breathable fibres, because cycling makes you sweat, even in cold weather!

2. Protect Your Ride

With front and rear mudguards, your bike, as well as your boots, backpack and clothes will be protected against salt, sand, snow, and rain. This is the most important accessory for riding without getting too dirty or damaging your bike. Remember that the more the mudguard covers, the more it protects!

To prevent rust and limescale build up, clean your bike after use as often as possible. It is also strongly suggested to apply a special winter oil to the chain.

3. Be Noticeable

As night falls very quickly and motorists’ visibility is often reduced, always use your bike lights or reflective strips. To prevent theft and to be able to see at all times, secure the headlights with a tie such as a Ty-Rap. You can also wear shiny clothes like the Sierra leggings that feature a large reflective logo down the side of the leg.

4. Choose a Suitable Bike

For those wishing to use their bike all year, buying a bike that is especially designed for fall and winter is a very good idea, because the weather will be hard on a regular summer bike. Otherwise, with winter tires or simple studded tires (and mudguards), a summer bike can be perfectly reliable when used in winter.

Enjoy the season, and be careful!

Marie-Pierre Savard

Marie-Pierre is a compassionate photographer. Her passions are traveling and biking. She lives in Montreal where she studies Visual Journalism at Concordia University and works as the photo-editor of The Concordian. She is an ambassador and blogger for LOLË Women and a photoblogger for Le Saint-Laurent à Vélo.


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