5 Favorite Fitness Trends for 2012



If you like being active, you’ve probably seen, done – or considered doing! – one or more of today’s most popular workouts. Maybe you embrace trends like yoga, balance training and outdoor fitness not so much because they’re trendy, but because you love doing them. That’s my take on trends, too.


Still, I’m a sucker for those “what’s hot” roundups that come out at the start of every new year, and so, as a Lolë Ambassador, I consulted the official (and carefully researched) 2012 fitness trends reports from two well respected fitness associations: American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE).


These organizations polled a combined 4,100 in-the-know fitness pros about upcoming trends. I narrowed down each association’s top-10 list to bring you my 5 favorite trends for the year ahead. Here they are.


1. Smartypants Fitness Pros (from ACSM report). The trend toward fitness trainers who know their stuff through experience and education has taken top spot for five years running, according to the ACSM. It’s safe to say, then, that we can move on from trainers who look good but that’s about it. I’m all for that.


2. Muscle Up (from ACSM report). Whether you like to condition muscles by lifting weights, doing yoga or hauling around life’s “gear” (backpack, snowboard, baby car-seat, etc.), the benefit is the same: stronger muscles and bones make for a healthier body and better well-being.


Anything that helps women feel more confident in their inner and outer strength is a trend worth watching – and doing.


3. Whole-Life Training (from ACE report). This trend focuses on fitness plus wellness, nutrition and stress-management all rolled into one holistically healthy lifestyle. Can I count you in on this progressive approach?


4. Let’s Dance (from both reports). One of the keys to wellness and “living out loud” is having fun with however you choose to move your body.

With its high-energy music and go-for-it attitude, Zumba is one of those workouts that you can’t help having fun doing – even if you’re not the “dance-y” type (that’s me).


5. Facebook for Fitness (from ACE report). I’m excited that the fitness industry is starting to create more interactive and online programs and exercises because that fits perfectly into my on-the-go Lolë lifestyle. I like being able to instantly access workout ideas on my phone or computer.


I I got the inside scoop that in keeping with this techy trend Lolë will be continuing to provide fitness motivation and connect active women together through the Lolë Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, and mobile Lolëpop App. I’ll be interacting on all of them – what about you?


Do any or all of the above trends resonate with you? Why or why not?