5 tips for not succumbing to the “blues” of winter

The seasonal depression associated with winter is not a myth. The trees are denuded, the sun leaves us, the cold settles…
It is difficult to say goodbye to the charms of summer, but the winter depression is far from inevitable!

Here are some tips to keep a smile on and glow for twelve months a year, no matter the weather.

1. “A healthy mind in a healthy body”

Science has proven it many times: physical activity is good for your mood. It soothes anxiety, activates neurons and even reduces the pain associated with premenstrual syndrome! This winter, put on your best leggings and don’t forget to move! Dancing, skating, yoga, snowshoeing, bar training… The possibilities are endless.

2. Getting in touch with mindfulness

Everyone knows that meditation is an excellent remedy for stress, depression and other manifestations of daily chaos, but what do you know about mindfulness? It is simply a matter of stopping to focus on the moment: listening to one’s breath, breathing fresh air, feeling your heart beat… And it can be practised at any time of the day! Alexandra, aka To Vogue or Bust, can no longer do without: “I meditate every day, and it helps me so much. Try to start the day with 10 minutes of meditation for 10 consecutive days and see how it affects your life!”

3. Going on a wellness trip

The arrival of winter also means the Christmas holidays! Take advantage of this free time to leave your usual places. Whether on a tropical island in Indonesia or in a small wooden cottage just a few hours from home, a wellness trip is the ideal opportunity to recharge and return to the essentials.

4. Choosing comfort

The cold is not very comfortable… So make sure your clothes are! Life is too short to spend a whole day in an outfit too big, too tight, or made from irritating fabrics. In winter, opt for several layers: a polyrayon t-shirt, a cute hooded top and a padded, windproof coat will take you everywhere… And do not forget to bring your favourite sweater!

5. Taking time for yourself

Finally, the most important thing to avoid the winter blues is to take time for yourself. Whatever your preferred method for relaxing and enjoying yourself, try to practise it as often as possible. For Meghan, it is reading: “You often forget the magic of sitting with a good book. Social media is a constant distraction that not only wastes our time, but pushes us to always want to do something that is shared. Nothing is more relaxing than reading a book with a glass of wine or a cup of tea. ”

So how do you plan to keep the morale up this winter?

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