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6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Swimwear New

happy girls with new bikini

Whether you splash in a pool or an ocean, in December or in July, your bikini, tankini and one-piece can look like new all year-round! Just follow these 6 simple care tips:


1 – Rinse in cold water after wear — To keep your swimwear in good health, it is important to remove abrasive agents as soon as possible. Rinse it right away after use. Better yet! Most pools and beaches have a shower you can use both to refresh and get rid of salt and chlorine.


2- Hand wash your swimsuit using a mild soap — Don’t be tempted by the washers and dryers. Take five minutes, set the water to cold or room temperature (avoid hot water) and hand wash your swimsuit. Avoid soaking for prolonged periods.


3 – Do not wring or twist — After washing and rinsing, squeeze gently to remove excess water. If you must pack up and go while your swimsuit is still wet, do not store it in a plastic bag. Instead, wrap it up in a light-colored dry towel.


4 – Dry flat in a shaded and ventilated area — Flat surfaces can be tricky to find in hotel rooms, but hanging clothes to dry can affect their form, so be creative! Use a desk, a chair, a closet shelf or even a hard-surfaced suitcase (remember to avoid rough surfaces, to avoid damaging the fabric). Setting your swimsuit out to dry by a warm ray of sun can be tempting, but repeated exposure can wash away colors. Best find a breezy place and be sure to shop quick-dry styles, like Lolë’s swimwear.


5 – Do not iron — Swimsuits are often made of synthetic materials that might spot, smudge or streak in contact with intense heat.


6 – Avoid excess oil, lotions or other cosmetic products on fabric — This is an easy one: rub sunscreen on before you slip into your swimsuit. Use caution when applying a fresh layer of sunscreen.

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