6 Tips for Slaying Real Life from Supafitmama

“She’s some kind of superwoman!” read the comment beneath a recent post. “Really ?!” I huffed, before a smile dawned on my face. “Yeah, I am some kind of superwoman … but aren’t we all?

While I have no superhuman powers to boast of, I do, like many modern super women, whirl through multiple identities. I am a wife and mother, freelance writer, fitness manager, everyday athlete, Lolë ambassador, sister, friend, concerned citizen, and more.

Perhaps through the filter of social media, I appear to do it all effortlessly. Believe me, that isn’t so. I run late, lose mitts, and doubt my abilities. Teleportation, X-ray vision, and invulnerability would be awesome powers to have. But here in the real world, it’s goal-setting, time management, mindset and support that get me through major missions and everyday responsibilities.

Here’s how:

I focus on short-term goals.

I have big dreams and many curiosities, but I can’t do everything at once. Instead, I focus on two or three major activities every season. This may include an athletic goal, a creative project like the launch of my website, or personal development through registered workshops. With focused goals, time management is much easier.

I train for an athletic goal.

Training for performance gives purpose to my workouts, which helps keep me motivated. I’m currently competing in Masters Athletics Track & Field. On the tough days when I’m not feeling so great, I show up anyway, knowing every effort (or lack of) contributes to my success on race day.

I consolidate time.

Multitasking isn’t always a win, but it has worked wonders for me at times. Working at a gym, for instance, has allowed me to integrate training into my workday. And some favourite ‘social and functional’ combos are: pedicures with friends, yoga dates with hubby, and Saturday morning workouts with my daughter.

My husband is a huge support.

Having a partner who believes in and contributes to what I’m doing is a tremendous help. Whether he’s in daddy mode building forts with our daughter, or in editor mode scrutinizing my phrasing, he’s present and hands-on as a partner. Doing all this alone would be a whole other challenge! Kudos to those who do it.

I break my calendar into blocks of time.

This is one of the best strategies I’ve learned! First I block off non-negotiables, like sleep and work hours. Then regular family responsibilities, like school drop-offs and pick-ups. Next I insert activities based on my short-term goals. Right now that’s track and field training and writing. Whatever time remains I try not to schedule too rigidly. I like the breathing room for coffee with friends, fitness sessions at Lolë, and Netflix and chill nights with my hubby.

I’m not afraid to miss out.

FOMO is real. But with focused goals and a well-managed calendar, it’s easier to see if and where new opportunities fit. Sometimes they don’t. I’m okay with that. Just like I’m okay doing without daily television, recreational shopping, knitting lessons and parent council meetings. I’ve even passed on some cool fitness opportunities, which is by far the hardest!


Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Debbie is a multi-sport athlete, freelance writer, wife, and mother of one. As the creator and author of SUPAFITMAMA TORONTO, she leads the everyday extraordinary woman on a journey through fitness, health and cultural experiences in her hometown. Her stories and reviews are honest, witty and packed with professional insights. As a Lolë Ambassador with our Toronto Eaton Centre community, Debbie shares our passion and new inspiration to live out loud every day.

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