Acupuncture for insomnia


How well do you sleep at night?  Sound sleep not only contributes to your energy levels and concentration, it is essential to the body’s healing process.  It is in the deep stages of sleep that human growth hormone is released.  Not getting the quantity and/or quality of sleep you need may negatively impact your quality of life, long-term health and has even been linked to chronic pain and weight gain. Sleep aids can offer a temporary solution, but are habit forming and can have unpleasant side effects and loose efficacy over time.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can offer a safe and effective treatment for insomnia.


Chinese medicine does not simply mask the problem of insomnia through sedation. Instead, it treats the underlying cause of insomnia for each individual and provides long-lasting results and improves overall health.  Acupuncture calms a restlessness nervous system by moving stagnant qi (or energy) and clearing heat, both of which can be causes of sleeplessness.  Most people find the experience of receiving acupuncture to be deeply restorative and relaxing.


The root causes of insomnia are varied.  Stress, hormonal shifts and poor diet can all play a role.  In order to administer the correct treatment it is essential for a practitioner to diagnose the precise nature of the problem.  Etiologies that involve stress are considered “excess” and require a treatment style that disperses qi.  Alternately, insomnia may be caused by “deficiencies” that require a treatment strategy that build up the patient.  Deficiencies are typically the result of chronic problems and often take longer to treat.  In either case, in order to achieve the desired results, regular and consistent treatments are essential.


As with many health issues, the longer a problem persists, the longer it takes to resolve.  Therefore, it is best to seek treatment early before insomnia becomes chronic and leads to secondary health issues.