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As of today Miss Lolëbrarian knows three women who are currently pregnant and seven who have had a baby in the past year. That is a whole lotta babies. What does this have to do with books you may ask? Well, from what I’ve gathered (Miss Lolëbrarian has no children) pregnancy and parenting are times where information is scarce but the need for it is very real.

The Bible

The What to Expect series (Murkoff and Mazel) is the official pregnancy bible in North America. The most popular book in the series, What to Expect When You Are Expecting, is read by 90% of pregnant women. The series has expanded to include titles like What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding, What to Expect Before You’re Expecting, and more.

Another good pregnancy source is Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy. Mayo Clinic is one of the most trusted health resources in Miss Lolëbrarian’s toolkit. Parents-to-be can also check The Baby Bump: 100s of Secrets to Surviving Those 9 Long Months by Carley Roney, author of The Knot.

Fit Moms

Staying fit while pregnant can be a challenge. Two books that look good are Fit & Healthy Pregnancy: How to Stay Strong and in Shape for You and Your Baby (Pinto and Kramer) and The Pregnant Athlete: How to Stay in Your Best Shape Ever Before, During, and After Pregnancy (Dion, Dion, McIntosh, and Heller). Both books come with advice from doctors and fitness experts.

For Dads

Books for dads tend to have funny catchy names. Miss Lolëbrarian recommends The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers (Scott Mactavish), Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months (John Pfeiffer) and The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be (Brott and Ash).

Choosing a Name

There are soooo many baby-name books out there it’s really hard to choose. Everything Baby Names Book: From Classic to Contemporary, 50,000 Baby Names That You and Your Child Will Love (June Rifkin) seems to be a good option with a lot variety.

Interested the latest naming trends? Try Baby Names 2014: Over 8,000 of This Year’s Favourite Names (Eleanor Turner). Going for something unique? Check Hello, My Name Is Pabst: Baby Names for Nonconformist, Indie, Geeky, DIY, Hipster, and Alterna-Parents of Every Kind (Miek and Sparks). Looking for meaning? Read The Name Book: Over 10,000 Names, Their Meanings, Origins, and Spiritual Significance (Dorothy Astoria). Having trouble making a decision? Explore The Baby Name Wizard: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby (Laura Wattenberg).

Baby’s Here and Sh!t Just Got Real

After nine ten months (check It’s Really 10 Months: Delivering the Truth About the Glow of Pregnancy and Other Blatant Lies by Guenther, Schenkelberg, and Snodgrass if you don’t believe me) you finally have your baby. Now what? Here are a few entertaining no-nonsense books to help you cope: The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance (Borgenicht and Borgenicht), The Sh!t No One Tells You: A Guide to Surviving Your Baby’s First Year (Dawn Dais), It Gets Easier! . . . And Other Lies We Tell New Mothers: A Fun, Practical Guide to Becoming a Mom (Claudine Wolk), and Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay (Stefanie Wilder-Taylor).

Honorable Mention 

For the scientifically and/or research inclined Miss Lolëbrarian recommends Experimenting with Babies: 50 Amazing Science Projects You Can Perform on Your Kid (Shaun Gallagher). The book contains peer-reviewed experiments you can conduct with your child to better understand their development.

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