Caring for my WHITE BY LOLË™ Clothes ?

Caring for my WHITE BY LOLË Clothes ?


The refined fabrics, developed exclusively for WHITE BY LOLË™ are the ultimate in elegant activewear.


Silk, the core material in the collection, was considered to be a precious offering for thousands of years and is recognized for its nobility, softness, flexibility, and delicacy. Naturally lightweight yet strong, hypoallergenic and moisture-resistant, with excellent resilience, it inspires the body to move and glow.


The sensational feeling of silk against the skin elevates every woman’s mood, making her feel radiant and elegant.


To make sure all your WHITE BY LOLË™ styles stay always as elegant and fabulous as you, it’s always best to dry clean. However, you can care for your clothes at home by following these key tips:


1 – turn garment inside out and hand wash in cold water separately from other item


2 – never bleach or spray with any soap, water, cleaner or perfume


3 – you can tumble dry at low heat setting for 5 minutes, then dry flat or block to dry


4 – do not iron or expose to intense hear. Silk is a natural fiber, not too different from hair…!


5 – Do not wring


Do you know any other homemade tricks for silk care? Share them below!

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