Lolë x Lokai : A Gift of Wellness

To make this gift extra special, we have included a beautiful Lokai bracelet — a brand that truly shares our philosophy of living out loud every day.

Yellow Label Program

Donate a pre-loved jacket to the Lolë Yellow Label program and promote responsible consumption.

Supporting Fort McMurray together

Supporting Fort McMurray Together: to help the people affected by this terrible fire in Fort McMurray, Lolë has decided to lend a hand and get involved.

Lolë Yellow Label program

Get inspired by our yoga muses. Donate a pre-loved jacket to the Lolë Yellow Label program and promote responsible consumption.

End of year giving

For the last month my inbox has been flooded with emails from charities and end-of year giving programs. There's so much...

Lolë Yellow Label, 2013

At Lolë we believe in consumption with a heart, this is why we are bringing back the Lolë Yellow Label program!

HCC donation thumbnail

Bringing wellness to Toronto!

Help us make a bigger impact, make a donation in the boxes provided at the Lolë White Yoga Session, or right now...

Yoga and non-profit Foundation

Yoga Mala foundation

Yoga Mala Foundation aids in launching programs for a women's half-way house, youth at risk, low income single mothers, and the...

Glow with the Spirit of Giving

The Yellow Label initiative was originally created in 2011 as part of our brand’s commitment to socially and environmentally responsible consumption. Following...

Weeve is slightly different from the other crowdfunding platforms out there and what makes it different is also what makes it...


Faced with the stylist’s sharp blades I realized that hair may be an exterior accessory yet its absence would cause me great...

Daily Bread

Daily Bread Food Bank has been supporting people struggling with hunger and poverty in the Toronto area since 1983.


Kiva is a non-profit organization that strives to live in a world where everybody has the power to create an opportunity for themselves and others. Kiva plays an active part in building

The Flocon Rose

What sets the Flocon Rose apart? Beyond raising money ... the personal sense of accomplishment its physical activity facet allows...

Caring for our Mont Royal

Lolё and some of our friends and family joined Les Amis de la Montagne in their annual cleaning. Armed with gloves and...