marie-kim looks into the future

New year, new career

Are you looking for a new job? A change in direction? Then clean up that CV and do some reading! Miss Lolëbrarian...

Lole Holiday DJ

Lolë's holiday DJ

5 holiday music playlists to accompany you this December, whatever your mood.

Lole Holiday DJ

Lolë's Holiday DJ

5 holiday music playlists to accompany you this December, whatever your mood.

its a wonderful life movie poster

Christmas movies decoded

Christmas movies are like putting an outfit together, it’s all about mixing-and-matching existing pieces. So what can you expect to...

book shelves in a library

When books go to the movies

With almost 40 movies based on books set to premiere in 2014, the “what’s better” question is more relevant than ever.

Reading by the fireplace

Winter is the ideal season to read. If you do not have a fireplace, do not despair. A cozy armchair may do...

hand made holiday

DIY holidays

From personalizing your decorations to keeping you kids entertained, they are great resources for kicking off the holiday season. Keep reading...

Read, set, go!

Run better without running! Find sound running advice for all levels off the trail and the treadmill in any of these 11 books.

Reading your way to wellness

Between the warm temperatures and the relaxed feel of the season, summer is a great time to focus on your well-being. Reading...

9 things I learned at 99u

Just like your hamstrings or your brain, your genius is a muscle that can be developed with training and dedication.

Mama used to say

When my mother was alive, and Life threw me curve balls, I’d call her to share my trials and tribulations. Mama used to...

Crafty readers

The publishing industry has been keeping up with this trend and thousands of books with ideas for knitting, scrapbooking, kids craft...

Dare to be creative

“Poets don’t invent new words, and musicians don’t invent new notes, yet their work reassembles the known and turns it into something...

Read and go green

I’ve always liked the idea of having Earth Day in April. No matter which side of the equator you live in, April is...

Little readers

There are many benefits to introducing books at an early age. From keeping children entertained to developing vocabulary and critical thinking...

Cozier than a Lolë coat

Cozy mysteries or cozies are a subgenre of the ever-so-popular mystery genre. Known for being lighter and softer than...


It was only just before I was onstage that a beautiful epiphany came to me, You Make This Life. And that very phrase, You Make This Life, became a big part of the year to come. It has become the name of my new album...

A visit to the Cirque du Soleil – Part 1

If you want to find that one place in the world where magic runs free and limitless imagination becomes tangible reality, you have to go to the Cirque du Soleil. I was fortunate enough to get a tour of their head office recently and I am now in front of my computer to bring you the experience.

Musical Baby Steve

There I was, barley two years old and sitting on my mother’s lap watching my very first music video on MTV. I had no idea that something people carelessly see every day was about to affect me forever and change my life. The video was “Give it away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers,

Finding Inspiration under an Eternal Sky

Inspration has never been easy for me to find and especially harder to feel in moments of happiness and goodness. In fact, until composing for the film Under an Eternal Sky I had only found inspiration in the dark.

France : Musique Lumière

Le moins qu’on puisse dire de la France – musicalement, du moins – c’est qu’elle a le vent dans les voiles. À preuve, l’immense succès de groupes tels que Phœnix, M83 et Justice. Peut-être moins populaires, mais non moins intéressants...

Ça vole haut à Chicago

En fait, je ne sais pas trop pourquoi la scène indie de Chicago — la troisième ville la plus populeuse aux États-Unis — est si rafraîchissante. Je vais y aller au printemps, question d'aller constater tout ça de visu. D’ici là, je vous ai concocté un Top 5 de bands à surveiller de près.

New York, New York…!

La très vibrante NYC nous offre évidemment de quoi nous sustenter amplement, musicalement. Mais, nous allons commencer tout en douceur avec du rock atmosphérique exquis d’un groupe qui


A match made in Montreal

If you are in search of a free cultural activity these holidays, allow me to suggest the new and improved Musée des Beaux Arts. The Claire and Marc Bourgie Pavilion (hence forward CMBP) opened its wings this past October with the main task of displaying art québécois, a mandate that it has taken as far as the Big Bang exhibit across the street.

Oh oh oh !

En effet, rares sont les bijoux comme le Happy Christmas du groupe The Alarm et le I’ll be home for Christmas de Chris Rea ou le Have yourself a very Merry Christmas des Pretenders. D’ailleurs, ils furent souvent des singles isolés.

San Franciscoh!

San Francisco, c’est la California soft. Mais, c’est aussi une intense scène musicale où il n’est pas rare de voir des musiciens faire partie de deux, trois, voire quatre groupes en même temps ! Et ces musiciens

thumbnail-yoga planet

Planet Yoga

Catherine Beauchamp s'intéresse au documentaire de Carlos Ferrand, Planète Yoga qui explore l'impact du yoga tel que réinventé par la société occidentale. Le documentaire,

The Greatest Outdoor Summer Read

It was under oath that this past OR Show, Jenn handed me her book. The offer, was enticing indeed, so I agreed to read and review...