Mango "Razzy" Berry fruit smoothie

With the thin wild blueberry coulis top and yogurt-y mango raspberry bottom, it’s full of new tastes and textures with every sip of this frozen fruit smoothie.

High Performance Diet

Whether you’re a weekend athlete or a top-level champion, enjoying a healthy diet with plenty of variety is one of the best ways to ensure optimum physical performance.

Watermelon Float with Lime, Raspberries and Bio-K+

On a hot summer day, this festive, healthful recipe is perfect to hydrate and refresh young and old alike…and to nurture their intestinal flora! Lay in some stores of frozen watermelon – it’s sure to become a household favourite!

Yoga for Runners

This short routine’s goal is to support your running training activities in order to increase your performance and counter the side effects of repetitive movements.

Mango-based summer recipes

Who doesn’t enjoy the taste of a ripe mango? The fragrant sweetness and succulent texture of this magical tropical fruit are highly seductive. Mangoes are so yummy!

Dragon Bowl Recipe

The Dragon Bowl contains all the necessary ingredients to provide sustained energy.

Blueberry Blast Smoothie

Add a sparkle to your day by making this colourful Blueberry Blast smoothie, packed with delicious flavours!

5 Yoga Poses for Good Health

Practising yoga can help reduce both physical and mental discomfort. Here are some asana suggestions that meet different needs.

Meal planning for a yummy day

Here are tasty recipes that you will want to eat everyday! Invite friends to try them or add them to your weekly meal planning.

Kitchen Sink Scramble

Take an “empty” fridge as a challenging opportunity! Now’s the time to get creative, grab a wok, and throw in “everything but the kitchen sink”.

Healthy Weekend

This weekend, keep your healthy habits with these 3 yummy recipes and one green DIY to clean your yoga mat.

Tropical Guacamole

Ready in 15 minutes : smash three ripe avocadoes with a fork. combine with all other ingredients and serve with warm tortilla chips.

Banana Berry Blend

Blend with ice for a smoothie so good, it’s bananas! Garnish with berries!

Morning Yoga Routine

This short sequence will fill you with energy and inspiration to last throughout the day.

Nutrition for Runners: portions for runners

Nutrition for Runners (Part 3) | To give you an idea of how much food to eat at lunch and dinner, here are 2 plates that represent the ideal proportions for each type of food.

What to eat and drink before and after running

Runners Series (Part 2) | After eating a good meal or snack before running, you are probably wondering if there is something you should be eating or drinking during your run and after your run. The answer is yes!

Nutrition for Runners

Runners Series (Part 1) | The month of May is dedicated to runners. Every week in May, sports nutrition expert, Pearle Nerenberg, encourages you to be an energized runner by providing you with the best food choices for runners.

Smoothie recipes with Yogourt

By popular demand, here are 2 recipes prepared with love by our ambassador, Marikym Hervieux, for the after-work event, in partnership with Oikos.

Recipe: green vitality smoothie

Recipe: green vitality smoothie. 2 things are providing me with inspiration: the sugaring-off season that starts in March and our desire to take off for the Tropics at this time of year! – Marikym Hervieux, Lolë ambassador

Meet Stephanie, Lolë ambassador

Meet Stephanie: Lolë ambassador, teacher of hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga, and stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga.

YOGA 101

Yoga 101: what to know before your First Yoga Class

Pumped up seeded crackers

Loaded with protein, fibre, a slew of vitamins and minerals, and the best fats you can get, the seeds are the real...

Lolë White Tour

Lolë White Tour<br/>2015

The Lolë White Tour is a series of unforgettable yoga events that will take place in major cities around the world...

kabucha pumpkin

Kabocha pumpkin soup

Feel your way through this Kabocha pumpkin recipe, engaging your senses while cooking, and create a version of this soup that most speaks...


One day detox

Modern life has bombarded us with thousands of toxins, it is very important to help the body to detoxify...

Grace Meditation

Grace Dubery talks meditation

Grace Dubery spoke about her unexpected meditation teacher and what her students have crowned her the queen of of savasana.

Sesame miso zoodles

This Sesame miso zoodles recipe is full of detox magic; from sesame to miso to apple cider vinegar, your body will be glowing with good in no time.

spoonful of granola

Healthy holiday breakfast

This dish is packed with protein, cholesterol-lowering fiber and is full of mouthwatering flavor. There is a small amount of sugar...

Oikos Avocado Yogurt Sauce

Can’t get enough yogurt? Brace yourself, you don’t have to wait for breakfast or dessert for the next spoonful! Here’s one of...

tomato avocado salad

The simple things, one perfect salad

The avocados smooth and creamy texture pairs perfectly with the sweet tomatoes and tart citrus vinaigrette. Plus, the avocados are packed with...

Raw Food: benefits and recipe

Just in time for the spring, a few weeks ago, Lolë Ambassador, Naturopath and Health Coach Audrey Sckoropad visited the Lolë...

Feeding the athletic family

Athletes need balanced, well-timed food solutions. So, to help out the athletic family, here are some quick solutions to 4...

10 holiday foods unmasked

Here are 10 traditional holiday foods exposed using Betty Crocker recipes or commercially available recipes.

Winter salad

After the gluttony that is the holidays, sometimes a salad is exactly what I need to feel like myself again. This salad...

Quinoa and persimmon stuffing

Thanksgiving is a whole day centered on cooking, eating and spending time with family. My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal...

Breath awareness

In this guided meditation series, Dawn Mauricio will take you through five different short meditation sessions that you can practice...

Mindful shopping

We want to see what we will wear and how we will wear it. Shop until we drop, in other words. So...

Guided meditation to go

Guided meditations to recharge, restore and be well in less that 10 minutes. Just press play!

Back to school snacks

The easiest snack to bring to work and the one I have on my desk nearly everyday, is a container of nuts...

Activating your butt

These exercises will help activate ("turn on") your gluteus maximus (butt) so you can properly and effectively train your butt.

Change your relationship with food

Listen to your body

You may have heard of the mind/body connection on the yoga mat but another place where the connection can be...

5 Different types of meditation

To help ease you on the road of mediation discovery, I've compiled a short list of some of the types of meditation out there.

Low calorie, zero-calorie, negative calories, 100 calorie packs - Diet food

No more calorie counting

Truly changing your relationship with food means understanding food for the nourishment it provides, rather than the numbers on its label.

Strengthening your hips

These exercises will help stabilize the hips, improving low back and lower body issues. The Clam and Hip Extension with a...

Pam Mazzuca Prebeg - 3 exercises

3 Exercises to Stay Healthy

No matter how busy you are, you need to find time for these three exercises. The Glute Bridge, Modified Side Plank and Prone Cobra will keep you healthy and pain free.

Healthy and super easy snack to make

Healthy snacks

Healthy and super easy snack to make : Black Bean Hummus, and Crunchy and Spicy Garbanzo Beans

Strengthening Your Knees

These exercises will help keep your knees feeling stable and strong, while also activating the vastus medialis oblique (VMO), which is critical to knee health.

Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor

These exercises will help strengthen your pelvic floor, which can help prevent low back pain and is important for everyone especially after abdominal surgery and child birth.

Strengthening Your Ankles

These exercises will help improve proprioception (your body's awareness of where it is in space) and foot strength.

Springtime Brunch

Goat cheese, tart, gluten free ingredients.... Discover a great, healthy receipe to enjoy and share brunch time!

Yoga for kids and families

The family yoga class – a chance for parents to learn and experience yoga along with their kids. Count us in!

Une soupe-repas asiatique, prête en 30 minutes

Pas le temps de cuisiner? À cours d'idées en ce début d'année?! Geneviève nous partage une recette qui allie saveur, santé et rapidité ainsi que quelques petits trucs faciles pour débuter 2013 en beauté!!...

Prévention des blessures canines

Garder son compagnon d'entraînement aussi en forme que nous, oui mais de la bonne manière! Mélanie nous en parle dans son article...

Clean Eating

Cooking en Papillote or in parchment is a technique that provides tons of flavor with not a lot of excess calories. I like to use this technique to prepare fish.

10 Ideas for Parents Talking to their Kids About Sex

Have many conversations. Why are we so focused on this idea of having just one talk? That is a lot of pressure on you to “get it right” the first time and frankly too much to cover in just one chat session with your child.

Preventing Achielles Pain

These exercises will strengthen the calf muscles while also stretching and relieving tension in the area.

Les citrouilles : après l’Halloween… on les mange!

L’Halloween est dernière nous, mais la saison des citrouilles n’est pas terminée pour autant. Maintenant qu’elles ne servent plus à décorer nos entrées, elles sont encore meilleur marché. Profitez des aubaines!

Avoiding PMS

Chinese medicine regards and treats PMS as an imbalance in the body that can actually be corrected naturally.

Preventing Bad Posture

In a society ruled by technology our posture has suffered, these exercises will help strengthen our weak postural muscles while also stretching our tight chest muscles that contribute to the rolled shoulder posture

Bouger pour un dos en santé!

Jean-François Harvey et son équipe nous proposent une méthode d’évaluation permettant de comprendre et de bien cibler les besoins de votre dos et offrent différents enchaînements d’exercices adaptés à vos besoins et au temps réaliste dont vous disposez afin de vous y consacrer quotidiennement.

Be Kind to Yourself

Be gentle and accepting with yourself and self-love will find you. You deserve to look in the mirror and see a woman radiant with potential, brimming with beauty, and worthy, worthy, worthy.

Bringing Brussels Back

This recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts with cranberries is just the solution....a little savory, a little sweet, and a tangy pop from the cranberries. Plus, it looks beautiful on the table.

Cold and Flus

We are all familiar with the phrase “there’s no cure for the common cold.” According to Chinese medicine views, however, this statement is a falsehood.

Taco Time

Finally as fall rolls around, I make a delicious version with roasted sweet potatoes or butternut squash and black beans. This is a winning combination. Serve with cheese and chipotle cream and I promise you will not miss the meat!

Clothing vs. Body

Finding clothing that caresses your body, flows with its natural curves and accents its natural angles can be extremely challenging.

Sex and the Long Term Relationship

So why does everyone assume our sex lives have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years per partner? Why do we overlook the benefits a long term committed relationship can have on our sexual relationships? Here are just a few of the examples of positive benefits my friends and I discussed.

Back Pain

Back pain can be chronic or acute, and pain ranges from achy and occasional to severe and constant. For either situation, the ancient technique of acupuncture can help.

Easy Entertaining

No matter what the circumstance of the event, I like to serve an appetizer before dinner. This gives everyone time to acclimate, have a drink and visit before sitting down to eat (or before I am in the kitchen away from the rest of the guests).

Self-respect and Dressing with Care

Since feeling respected by others builds self-confidence and appearing confident garners respect, all you’ve got to do is kick start the process and it’ll just keep feeding itself.


Chinese herbs are also an important aspect of allergy treatment. Chinese herbs come in many different forms including raw herbs that must be cooked and ready-made pills.

Camping gourmand

À la recherche d’idées pour bien manger pendant ces quelques jours en nature, j’ai sondé mes amis campeurs et voici leurs 10 suggestions gourmandes pour se régaler, sans que ce soit compliqué.


Plusieurs croient que l’escalade nécessite une bonne force musculaire dans les bras, puisqu’on se tire vers le haut avec les bras. Au contraire, ce sont plutôt les jambes qui travaillent en nous poussant vers le haut.

Preventing Tennis Elbow

These exercises will help strengthen and stretch those muscles that can cause pain on the outer side of your forearm and elbow.

Elements of Self

What you wear contributes to the first level of your public identity, and you can exercise some measure of control over that identity. But you are more than just your style.

Fantastic Fruits

In the summer months I eat tons of fruit, but not always in its raw form. I have found a number of amazing recipes, both sweet and savory, to showcase these delectable tastes. Here are a few dessert recipes that highlight the flavors of these fruits.


Chinese medicine does not simply mask the problem of insomnia through sedation. Instead, it treats the underlying cause of insomnia for each individual and provides long-lasting results and improves overall health. Acupuncture calms a restlessness nervous system by moving stagnant qi (or energy) and clearing heat, both of which can be causes of sleeplessness.

Work your Love Muscle

Have you been exercising your pelvic floor muscles? I hope so. It is one sexy exercise.

Où pique-niquer à Montréal ?

Il n’y a pas meilleure façon de profiter de l’été que de manger sur l’herbe. Pas besoin d’être en vacances, pas besoin de conduire des heures, pas besoin de planifier des semaines à l’avance, un pique-nique improvisé sur l’heure du dîner ou en fin de journée permet de décrocher. Mais où étendre sa nappe à carreaux?

Summer Salads

That is why summer should be synonymous with salads! I have a plethora of salad recipes that require little to no cooking.

Cycles of Self-care

The cycle of self-care feeding self-love creating more self-care allows you to broadcast a profile of self-respect and power. It reminds you that you can control how you feel about yourself. And that’s powerful good stuff.

What’s your personal concept of sexual fitness?

Do you currently feel fit as a sexual person? Do you feel you can fulfill your sexual desires in a way that makes you happy? Does expressing your sexuality make you feel more whole or vital? If not what goals might help make you feel empowered and satisfied in your sexuality?

Preventing Runner’s Knee

These exercises will help strengthen your hips (gluteus medius) and stretch your outer thigh (iliotibial band) to help improve the tracking of your knee cap.


Pour cette première chronique, il va de soi de préciser en quoi consiste exactement l’ostéopathie. Bien que cette pratique gagne en popularité depuis de nombreuses années, l’ostéopathie est encore mal connue par beaucoup de personnes.

Le goût du Québec

L’été, on se fait un devoir (et un plaisir !) de bouder ce qui vient d’ailleurs. Que ce soit cultivé dans notre potager, cueilli chez un agriculteur du coin, acheté à l’épicerie ou...

Burger Bonanza

I knew I had it perfected when my meat eating husband started requesting it on a regular basis. All was well and good until I tried to actually write the recipe out. Identifying how much of each ingredient I used...

Une primeur!

En attendant, je vous propose une recette en primeur : un couscous citronné aux crevettes. C’est frais, c’est coloré et c’est parfait pour les belles journées qui commencent à se pointer le bout du nez.

Preventive exercises for a healthy back

Pam Mazzuca Prebeg is a dear Lolë friend, athletic therapist and personal trainer. This podcast is the first of a series in exercises to help prevent some of the most common body aches, through strengthening your muscles.

Spicy Salmon with Citrus Salsa

he invigorating mint and citrus flavors are a perfect complement to something savory and a little spicy, like this spice crusted salmon. This dish is great for company; both the spice mix and the salsa can be prepared ahead of time and the salmon is very quick to prepare.

5 façons d’économiser en attendant les vacances…

Avec ces quelques trucs, vous verrez que manger santé ne coûte pas si cher. C’est vrai, vous irez moins souvent au resto et cuisinerez un peu plus. Mais lorsque vous savourerez vos vacances, vous verrez que ces petits sacrifices en valaient vraiment la peine.

Beets 3 Ways

Subscribing to a weekly farm box can get pretty tiresome in the winter. Even in sunny southern California, winter generally means a continuous supply of greens – kale, bok choy, chard , etc. That’s why I always welcome spring, and its myriad of vegetables

Collations de champions

Ce que vous mangez et buvez pendant la pratique d’un sport a beaucoup plus d’influence que vous ne le croyez !

Repas en pyjama

Je ne suis sûrement pas la première à vous dire que le petit-déjeuner est le repas le plus important de la journée ! Mais que faites-vous si vous n’avez pas faim le matin? Ou pas le temps de manger ?

Strengthening Your Hamstrings

Help correct an imbalance between the hamstrings and the strong quadriceps, which is commonly seen in runners and other quad dominant sports like skiing and cycling with Stiff-Leg deadliest and Eccentric ball curls.

Comment survivre aux 5 à 7… en famille !

Lorsqu’on devient parent, les 5 à 7 n’ont plus la même vocation. On oublie l’apéro et on s’active aux fourneaux ! Sans oublier les devoirs et les leçons de fiston. Vous arrivez à

Are You Skinny Fat? How to Change Your Body Composition

Body composition is a measure of the lean and fatty tissues that make up your body weight. Your body is comprised of many tissues: fat, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs and lots of water. A healthy body composition is ...

genvieve eats snacks during a hike

En randonnée, je grignote!

’ai pensé partager avec vous mon plan de match pour avoir du carburant jusqu’au sommet. D’abord, je n’attaque jamais les sentiers sans

Five Anti-Aging Supplements to Keep You Looking Younger

Whether you are trying to ward off wrinkles, put the shine back in your locks, add a glow to your skin or simply keep people guessing about your real age, there are a handful of supplements that I recommend for optimal health, regardless of your specific goals.