21 Jan 2019

Comforting Winter Vegetable Soup

Here is one of Maryne's favorite soup recipes from the blog The Dreamcatcheuse. You can personalize it with your favourite vegetables, taking into account their size and the predominance of their flavour.



19 Oct 2018

Self-Care Sunday: A Practical Guide

In October, we often feel like staying home where it’s nice and cozy. One of our ambassadors, Gabrielle Coulter, has created a compilation of simple tips to making self-care a part of your weekly routine during the Fall.



6 Aug 2018

Oats for healthy snacks with Praeventia

If you want a simple snack to take with you to eat before or after your workout, these Praeventia cookies by Leclerc will satisfy you with those ingredients like oats that offer a multitude of benefits.