Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Meditation imparts great neurological benefits upon humans and enhances the connectivity between the different regions of the brain.

Holiday Playlist

Holiday season is upon us and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than through music?

Gift Guide : for your Running Buddy

You wish to encourage a friend (or yourself!) to make healthier choices? Find a gift that will inspire her to take care of herself, with style.

The Perfect Host Gift

You would rather not arrive empty-handed to a holiday celebration? Here are 3 great gift ideas for your host to appreciate all year long.

Spotify playlists for a zen moment

Get in the zone and concentrate, thanks to these Spotify playlists. Whether you want to focus at work or do yoga at home, this is for you.

Wellness Travelling

A wellness trip, even an active one, is time for you and should be enjoyed at least once a year! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags!

Supporting Fort McMurray together

Supporting Fort McMurray Together: to help the people affected by this terrible fire in Fort McMurray, Lolë has decided to lend a hand and get involved.

How to keep your cut flowers fresh

In wanting to present flowers to your mother, you wish for them to last as long as possible. Here are some tips from the florist at Les Fleurs du Marché, Stéphanie Le May.

How to declutter your apartment

We all have items in our closets and drawers that we don’t use anymore and that serve no purpose in our living space. Why not start take advantage of this cold temperature to declutter your apartment?

Lessons from the trees

But what can we learn for the majestic trees? I set out recently to meditate, practice and pray among the trees. Here are the lessons I have learned.

Lolë Yellow Label program

Get inspired by our yoga muses. Donate a pre-loved jacket to the Lolë Yellow Label program and promote responsible consumption.

Inspire – Ann McMillan

In this episode we meet Ann McMillan, a professional dancer who brought Pilates to Montreal. We visited Ann in her...

What's your Kilimanjaro?

Everyone needs a Kilimanjaro of their own. In support, Lolë will donate $10 per comment to Kiva. We will go as...