Lolë White Tour: What to wear?

Find your perfect white kit for the Lolë White Tour! In addition to being a symbol of peace, white is the colour for summer. Extremely refreshing, it’s a classic for the warmer months.

Yoga Sequence for Bedtime

Ease your way into Dreamland with this short and sweet evening yoga routine led by Trish Belafi, LOLË Ambassador.

Banana Berry Blend

Blend with ice for a smoothie so good, it’s bananas! Garnish with berries!

How to wear white

Here are three tips on how to confidently wear white, whether it be to your yoga class or for a night on the town. By Elle Québec

Morning Yoga Routine

This short sequence will fill you with energy and inspiration to last throughout the day.

DIY : Yoga mat cleaner

This spray is not only great for cleaning your mat, but it’s also a very powerful aromatic tool to enhance your physical and emotional well-being

Mindful Tips to make the most of Summer

With the Toronto stop on the Lolë White Tour just around the corner, yoga teacher Grace Dubery shares her insights on how to stay connected and make the most of summer.

Montreal: Discover the city

If you’re in town for the Lolë White Yoga Tour, we know you’ll be breathing deep and focusing on your down dog, but if you’ve got time on your hands, roll up your mat and explore this fantastic French Canadian city.