Closing the 3rd annual Lolë Yellow Label program


The Lolë Yellow Label Program has wrapped up for a third year. Thanks to you, the campaign was a great success! Of course, we can’t forget our fabulous Coalision employees: they launched the campaign and were the program’s first ambassadors.


The Lolë Yellow Label campaign collected over 600 coats. In Quebec, twenty personalities, such as Penelope McQuade, Tanya Lapointe, Marie-Claude Savard and Émilie Bibeau attended the program’s launch at the Lolë St-Denis Atelier. Internationally, several American celebrities, such as Melissa Joan Hart, Evangeline Lilly, Kelly Preston, Elizabeth Rohm and Jamie Chung donated their own coats to the Lolë Yellow Label Program.


Thanks to your generous contribution, we gave more than 100 coats a second life and raised $5000 from the resale of the coats. These funds will soon be donated to food banks to stock the pantries of many families across North America.*



We’re thrilled to say that the Lolë Yellow Label Program continues to get bigger and better every year. Thanks to your valuable support, we’ll be able to give the coats off our back once again next year.


Together, we’re proud to say that YOU have made a difference by promoting responsible consumption!

See you next year for another season of the Lolë Yellow Label Program!


The Lolë Team

*According to the food bank Moisson Montréal, a $5 donation can feed a family for a week.

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