Daily Bread



Daily Bread Food Bank has been supporting people struggling with hunger and poverty in the Toronto area since 1983. What started off as a small store-front food bank, has evolved into a reputable organization which has earned the respect and support of the community through its multifaceted role; to produce, collect and distribute food to those in need, provide education on the root causes and effects of poverty, and advocate on behalf of those in need in other critical areas of their lives.


This past year:


· Daily Bread supplied 794,000 emergency food hampers to clients in need last year

· 46%of adults have not eaten for a day because of lack of money

· 40% of adults go hungry once per week

· 36% of food bank clients are children

· 19% of children go hungry once per week


To learn more about this great organization by watching Youtube’s Daily Bread’s channel.


You can find information on Daily Bread’s recent statistics on hunger in the GTA

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