Disappear to find a blessing in disguise

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Looking across the thick backwoods of Missouri, mist on the canopy of trees for miles and exotic birds flying overhead on the side of a rainy freight train, I was in the first chapter of my coming home. I had been in a documentary shoot about train hopping and backpacking in my country, with director and friend Debra Kellner. It was late June, I had traveled on a train for over nine hundred miles and was soon to ride another nine hundred more to reach Wyoming. Adrenaline was running high in my body as I approached a train yard just after St. Louis, already in Illinois, where I had to get off soon. While offering me a stop to get supplies, the yard could also lead me to an abrupt end of journey…


I jumped off the moving train and quickly began walking across the rails, when a black police car pulled up beside me. Moments later I found myself behind bars in the Rood House Illinois Police Station, jailed for trespassing. I was lucky enough to have family in the area and they came to bail me out. It is said that everything happens for a reason… I might add that in situations like this everything also happens so fast! One can barley process the events… So I didn’t get supplies for the train tracks to come, but I was able to see my great grandmother and catch a bus home.


Finally back after almost an entire summer voyage across America, I can hardly erase the feeling of adventure and freedom that washed over me. My eyes are still going through the beautiful memories and places they soaked up along the way. This summer I disappeared to find a blessing in disguise. Nothing is the same now. My life has even changed from what it meant a few months ago. A change in perspective alone is sometimes all we need to decide where to go next, or what are our true aspirations. Changing points of view can even sometimes help us realize that we truly have the strength to do more than achieve our goals.


My summer’s journey was a true muse and now this inspiration is perspiring memories and emotions into my guitar. I have already written almost an entire new album. It is a time of creation and I will surely soon continue the journey.


In the meantime, you can watch and listen to one of my new songs, Understand Yourself. How do you like it?

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