Drawn to the wild: framing it up with Sarah Harmer



Here on the Lolë blog, I have the opportunity to write about non-profit campaigns that capture my imagination. From the innovative use of Facebook applications to digital campaigns that operate more like a video game than they do like a website, the number of organizations that playfully work to “do good” online is a constant source of inspiration.


Recently, I’ve been part of a project that’s been working to do good in its own corner of the world. For the last few years, I’ve worked with The Big Wild, an organization dedicated to protecting public wilderness across the country. The Big Wild recently teamed up with singer/songwriter Sarah Harmer to create “Drawn to the Wild.” It’s a project I believe captures the imagination of the people who contribute to it and only asks that you donate a little bit of time and creativity.


Drawn to the Wild invites Canadians to contribute to a new version of a Sarah Harmer music video and support the protection of part of Canada’s Niagara Escarpment at the same time. When you visit DrawnToTheWild.org, you’re presented with a randomly selected frame from a video of Sarah Harmer singing her song “I’m a Mountain.” After choosing a frame, you use a drawing tool to illustrate it. You can trace the frame, add to it or radically re-envision it. The site aggregates the resulting frames into a new version of the video. When enough frames have been completed, The Big Wild will release a new remixed version of the music video.


Every time someone draws a frame, The Big Wild donates 25 cents to Sarah’s Protecting Rural Land (PERL), an organization dedicated to protecting the Niagara Escarpment in Southern Ontario.


Drawn to the Wild was inspired by The Johnny Cash Project, a website that allowed users to submit a frame to a Johnny Cash music video. More than 1,000 frames have been added to the Sarah Harmer video that will continue to change and evolve through to the end of March, 2012. If the current video is any indication, the finished product will be a playful and collaborative tribute to the creative power of Canadians committed to rural wilderness conservation.


I hope you’re able to take action and contribute your own vision to the Sarah Harmer music video, “I’m a Mountain.” Visit DrawnToTheWild.org and take a moment to play and “do good” while you’re at it.

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