driven-steve davis


What drives you? What really takes you to the edge? It seems as if in our day to day it is easy to sometimes forget those things that get our blood pumping, that make our hearts stop and our minds think, there is more and I can do it.


Sweat rolls off my forehead in the evening sun. The festival’s grass sticks to my bare feet. An acoustic guitar is gripped in my hands. My heart won’t slow. My breathing is short, irregular. I have never felt this way before. Four thousand people wait for me on the other side of the stage, on the other side of the unknown. Haze and smoke rise up. Laughter in the air is making my head spin. The big black stage looms over me now that I stand in its shadow.


The last note of the band before rings out. A hand gently pushes me towards the stage, towards the deeper pulse now invading my heart. A brighter fire is flaring up in my heart. I do not feel adrenalin, I am the adrenalin. Looking over the sea of people there is a pause as I approach the microphone and every cell in my body becomes unrelenting, and electric. The moment of silence takes hold and with my eyes closed my strings come alive. Eyes closed, my soul pours out of my every muscle. All that I am begins to pour out of me and into the crowd. They begin to dance, a wind picks up and I sing. Oh do I sing! I sing of travels, of the heart and of love. And in their own way the crowd sings back. That moment brought a me a feeling I will never forget, a feeling that this is my calling.


This is what drives me; this is why I am here. To play from my heart the secrets of my soul and transpire a world that only some can know. It is a beautiful gift, music. On that day with the golden sun setting in the distance my fingers bled and my feet gained blisters as I danced with the heavenly chords that pushed through me. It was only just before I was onstage that a beautiful epiphany came to me, You Make This Life. And that very phrase, You Make This Life, became a big part of the year to come. It has become the name of my new album, the album that is being released this week. Share your passion. And remember what it is that makes you feel driven.