From gym to work: how to wear the Camilla tank

Sportive vs chic

Are you obsessed with one of your sport camisoles, but feel like you can only wear it to the gym? Think again. Here is a guide to transform your sports gear into the perfect work outfit. Not only have profited from your purchase because you can wear it to work out and to work, but you are also able to be comfortable and feeling fully supported in your next meeting.


Here are 5 looks you can create with the Camilla tank. Have fun!

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Layer it up

The idea is not to cover up your sport gear, but rather to enhance it! By adding some layers you change the whole outfit and make it more interesting. The first step is to find a good basic, that is fitted. You have that with the Camilla Top. Then you can add a cardigan, go on to a jacket and finish it off with a scarf.

  • barbara_shop
  • burst_shop

Scarf: Amalia | Jacket: Barbara | Top: Camilla
Leggings: Burst

Pair it with your current work clothing

Don’t be scared to mix and match your gym clothes with traditional office attire. Pick an item that has a nice rich or neutral color and dress it up! Putting a blazer over a workout cami can be the key to sophistication and comfort. Don’t forget that adding jewellery to your look will make it more elaborate.

  • sarab_shop
  • yogagean_shop

Jacket: Sara | Top: Camilla
Jeans: Yoga Jeans High Rise Skinny (CAN only)

Think Textures

We already know that layering is the key in this equation, but another important element to layering is the mix of textures because that’s how you are going to create an interesting composure. With gym clothes, it’s already super easy because you already have a fun fabric to work with. Never forget to layer thin to thick and light to heavy. Contrasting different fabrics will help create dimension.

  • sachin_shop
  • yogab_shop

Cardigan: Sachin | Top: Camilla
Jeans: Yoga Jeans Mid Rise Skinny (CAN only)

Play with the clothes

There are certain ways to make your gym wear look like casual clothes. Try to take a different approach than when you’re wearing them to the gym. That way, at the first glance, you seem like you’re wearing a totally casual outfit. You can tuck it in your jeans, tie a small part in a knot or loosen a sleeve. Be creative!

  • saraw_shop
  • yogagean_shop

Jacket: Sara | Top: Camilla
Jeans: Yoga Jeans High Rise Skinny (CAN only)


Trend alert

It’s no secret that sportswear is the trend of the decade. You can see sports brands everywhere, at every occasion. It pretty much started with sneakers. They would be seen paired with dresses or skirts for every occasion. Then the athletic influence became more subtle and active wear became a luxury appeal. Dressing like you just got out of the gym is now a normal thing, lucky us! So keep doing what you’re doing, add some sports gear into your everyday wardrobe and be the coolest, most comfortable employee ever.

  • sable_shop
  • felicia_shop

Jacket: Sable bomber | Top: Camilla
Pants: Felicia

Camille Internoscia

After completing her vocational studies in fashion marketing at Marie-Victorin Cegep and a fashion marketing degree at l’École supérieure de mode de Montréal, Camille set her sights on a career as a fashion stylist. She started as an intern at Dulcedo Model Management and soon wanted to learn from the best stylists in Montreal. She is now beginning her own line of work while assisting the best in the game. Even though her career is young and blooming, you can already see her determination, adaptability and booming energy.

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