Five Fun Easy Ways to “Go Green” on Vacation

local vermont icecream


1- Stay Longer

Instead of taking multiple vacations throughout the year, which result in several different car trips, plane flights or train rides, save up your vacation days and take one long luxurious trip to a single destination. Or, if you want to go to more than one location, you can figure out the most efficient way to travel between each destination on your extended trip. Not only saving energy and money when it comes to travel costs, but you will also come home feeling more rejuvenated than if you had traveled for just a few days.


2- Relax

Sometimes by trying to pack too much into a vacation we can make them feel more hectic than work. Relaxing is not only good for your body, but good for the environment. Instead of running all over town trying to visit every sight in the guidebook. Schedule a few days to just stay put, get a massage, read a book, or take a nap.


3- Unplug

It is hard to really enjoy your vacation if you are constantly checking your cell phone or i-pad. Take this opportunity to unplug from your mobile device. You will save energy by not constantly charging the electronics. If you know you will be tempted, then sometimes it is best to leave technology at home. Most hotels and resorts have a business area that you can use if you absolutely have to check-in.


4- Experience More

After a trip to Africa, I came home bragging to a friend about the beautiful handmade scarf that I purchased. Then she pointed out it had a made in China tag on it. As much as we love souvenirs, sometimes it is better to purchase services than goods. A lot of gift shop paraphernalia is not made locally and is shipped in to your vacation spot. If you purchase a guided hike, hot balloon ride, or spa treatment, you will not only create a wonderful memory, but you will also support local individuals. After all, a few pictures weigh a lot less than a suitcase full of novelties.


5- Be Authentic

If you are searching for the perfect gift on your retreat, or you want to experience regional food, then ask at your lodging where you can go to find the best local products. You can also research online (before you leave) whether or not restaurants use local produce and perhaps find a farmer’s market or bazaar that features local craftsman? Perhaps there is something unique to the region such as a local vineyard or microbrewery that you cannot experience anywhere else. Remember anything that is shipped into the region consumes energy – and can probably be enjoyed back at home.