Guide 101 to keep up a wellness routine throughout the year

Once the summer is over, who never allows themselves to slack down? The arrival of the coldest months seems to turn us into home-loving women, to inspire us to take the car instead of walking, and to eat more often… And that goes without mentioning the numerous feasts of the holiday season to come!

It may seem more difficult to maintain a balanced lifestyle and stay active during the winter, but it’s really just an illusion! You only have to adapt to the calendar.

Renew yourself with the seasons

“In winter, I train on the bar, I swim or practise yoga, while in the summer I prefer to go outdoors for cycling, running or hiking. Try to choose the most appropriate times according to your lifestyle and evaluate your progress, your successes or the ways in which you could improve. For me, my birthday in April, the beginning of summer in June, the beginning of autumn in October and the arrival of a new year in January are the times when I choose to set new goals or to adjust the old ones!” —Alexandra (@tovogueorbust)

The opportunity is perfect to learn yoga, which is practised inside and outside… So, twelve months a year!

No budget? No problem!

Yes, Christmas is approaching dangerously fast, but staying in shape does not necessarily have to be expensive! Everything starts by being attentive to the smallest opportunities to move: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, do some squats between two emails or stretches while watching the evening news. Those are all excellent ways not to sink into the winter laziness.

The more the merrier … and the more we surpass ourselves!

Another great way to stay motivated to move throughout the year is to do it as a group! Join group classes, participate in meet ups or just surround yourself with friends who will know how to make you want to push your limits. Moreover, a little bit of healthy competition has never hurt anyone…

The perfect excuse to update your sports wardrobe

According to Kiara (@tobruckave), new season rhymes with new motivation: “I like a good routine, so I do not care if the days get shorter, I will stay true to my healthy eating habits, juices and bar courses throughout the year. My very own fuel? New sportswear! There is nothing like feeling beautiful and in top shape in a pair of new leggings or a new sports bra! ”

Finally, never forget that the most important thing is to do it for yourself! Lauren (@thisrenegadelove) understood this very well: “Training to sweat heavily, followed by a long skincare session in my most comfortable jumpsuit? Yes, that’s how I treat myself now that I am 30! ”

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