Healthy Weekend

This weekend, keep your healthy habits with these 3 yummy recipes and one green DIY to clean your yoga mat.

Protein packed pancakes

They taste like a normal perfect pancake with a slight crunch or pop from the quinoa. The best part is the quinoa adds protein that a normal pancake lacks. This creates a well-rounded breakfast that leaves the eater full and satisfied until lunch.

Recipe here
Tropical Guacamole

This Tropical Guacamole is filed with antioxidant and will make the perfect mid-aftermoon snack.

Recipe here
Green Smoothie and ProactivChia Pudding Bowl

Breakfast bowls have everything you could ask for – a smoothie on one side, chia pudding on the other, separated with a variety of gourmet toppings.

Recipe here
Recipe: D.I.Y. Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

This spray is not only great for cleaning your mat, but it’s also a very powerful aromatic tool to enhance your physical and emotional well-being before or after your practice.

Recipe here

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