How to declutter your apartment

16_WEB_100_RS_07_PHOTOS_BLOG-blogWe all have items in our closets and drawers that we don’t use anymore and that serve no purpose in our living space. Why not start take advantage of this cold temperature to declutter your apartment? You’ll see. Making space in your … cupboards… will let you declutter your mind as well.

Even though the idea of order and simplicity are essential to attain a healthy lifestyle, many of us have associated happiness with the accumulation of objects. However, learning to live well by owing less is also about learning to let go and regain confidence in oneself. But where’s the best place to start?

  • Start small, with a simple drawer or room, and allot a maximum of 15 minutes a day to the task. In this way, you’ll stay motivated and make better choices.
  • Use two boxes. Label one “To throw out” and the other “To give away.”
  • Follow this tried-and-true rule: whatever you haven’t used in over six months must be put into one of these two boxes.
  • Are you hesitating? Use a third box and put items you aren’t sure what to do with in it. After six months have passed, throw out or give away the items left in this box.
  • Pay attention to your breathing, your body and any emotions that rise up regarding the items.
  • Stay focused on the task. Don’t indulge in nostalgia. Items that are tied to people or events dæo not actually contain the memories to which we are attached. Try to detach from these objects while retaining the attachment to the emotion tied to them.
  • Make your actions meaningful by giving away the items in good condition to the charity of your choice or to someone you know who’s in need.
  • Once you have gathered items to be given away, deposit them in your front hall or the trunk of your car. That way, you’ll be ready to distribute them.
  • Once your living space is decluttered, why not tackle your calendar? First, make a list of your most important commitments. Say no to non-essential events, and free up time for what’s really important to your well-being.

Decluttering your living space will make it easier to let go; it’s an exercise that teaches us to better determine our real needs and buy only what’s truly necessary. The space thus freed up will allow you to let other things come into your life, things you truly love and that you have consciously chosen.

Writer: Marie-Noëlle Deblois