How to Get Fit Without Spending a Dime

The modern day woman has two main concerns when it comes to getting in her weekly workouts: budget and time. Here are 5 simple steps that will help you meet your health and fitness goals without emptying your pockets.

1. Walk everywhere

When pressed for time we tend to take the car, bus or grab the nearest cab. Cab fare, gas prices and transit tickets can be costly. And let’s face it, that extra cash would be better used elsewhere—say on a great pair of leggings?! Try adding 15 minutes of flexible time to your commute and do it on foot, or on a bike.

For bonus points: Take the stairs instead of using escalators and elevators!

2. Train at home

Anyone who has a 5 x 5 ft open space in their home (think kitchen, living room or the floor beside your bed) can get a great workout in with about 25-30 minutes of free time. Core and muscle strengthening exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and planks can be done with minimal space, and have the added appeal of not requiring any equipment.

3. Use YouTube

To add to Point 2, there are thousands of great (and free) workout videos on Look for something with a respected coach or goal-oriented training (as opposed to “quick fix” or “miracle” workouts). A personal favourite is the BeFit channel, which hosts videos by Jillian Michaels, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr and even guided meditations with Dr. Deepak Chopra.

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4. Take time for rest and play

New research shows that taking time to play (get outdoors, throw a Frisbee, dance on the beach) and rest (curl up on the couch with a magazine) is as important to overall health and wellness as getting in those 30 minutes of daily cardio and strength exercises. Rest and play produce feel-good endorphins and oxytocin, two hormones that help with stress and pain management as well as keeping appetite in check.

5. Find a local Lolë Meet up 

Group training sessions are all the rage and can be found in most major cities. Check out to find a fun, FREE, local meet up near you.



Gabrielle Coulter
Gabrielle Coulter is both a choreographer and a healing educator across various forms of movement. She has been actively involved in the fitness industry for about fifteen years. Her curriculum includes contemporary dance, yoga fusion, YogaJam, GROOVE, and movement therapy for physical and emotional rehabilitation. Passionate about health and well-being, Gabrielle recently contributed to the emergence of a dance and yoga community in Gaspé. She has been in charge of various philanthropic projects, including fundraisers for L’Aid-Elle, Accueil Blanche Goulet and, a non-profit organization based in Montreal bringing education to girls and young women in economically disadvantaged places.

© Photo: Isabelle Moncion





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