How to keep your cut flowers fresh

In wanting to present flowers to your mother, you wish for them to last as long as possible.
Here are some tips from the florist at Les Fleurs du Marché, Stéphanie Le May.

How to keep your cut flowers fresh

Use a clean, non-metallic vase that can hold a large quantity of water.

For better results, add the contents from a flower-preserving agent to ½ liter of warm water. Using a sharp knife, cut the stems again at an angle. Remove any foliage below the water level and be careful not to damage the bark from the stems.

To make your flowers last longer: Place your flowers in a cool area, safe from the sun’s rays. Avoid all direct sources of heat.

Tips to preserve your cut tulips

Tulips are flowers that grow continuously, even when cut.

Cut the stems every day to maintain the initial height.

Add ice cubes to the water every day before placing the stems in the vase.

Keep them away from the sun to have them last longer.

How to display a bouquet of flowers in your vase

There are several methods. Here is one you with which you can have some fun (DIY).

  1. Create a grid using adhesive tape or electric tape.
  2. Fill the vase halfway with water.
  3. Start with the foliage, alternating with flowers on the sides of the vase, and then fill the center.

“Whether you are getting married during the lilac or poinsettia season, on a modest budget or on one that’s over-the-top, whether you love a style that’s shabby chic or modern, Stéphanie Le May, from Les Fleurs du Marché, will create floral arrangements that will brighten your day. » – CATHERINE GIRARD (Mariage Québec)

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