How to wear white


It’s been said that wearing head-to-toe white expands your aura !

White helps you reconnect with your spirituality and purity, strengthens your identity and magically chases away negative energy. When you wear white, you also have a clearer awareness of your being—you tend to keep your hands clean and avoid dirty areas and sudden movements. Someone dressed all in white is often viewed as someone who takes care of herself. But although white appears refined, it can sometimes be a hard look to pull off. Here are three tips on how to confidently (and correctly!) wear white, whether it be to your yoga class or for a night on the town.

Play around with textures

Wearing head-to-toe white creates an assertive, high-impact look. When opting for an all-white style, be sure to play around with different materials and textures. White is stylish and chic but can sometimes be hard to pull off. Mixing satin, lace or mesh with cotton will ensure your look is polished and on-point.

Layer it up

Do you find white pants unflattering on your body type? Do you feel overexposed in a tight outfit? The trick is to layer different pieces. Wear a long top with a mesh jacket, or pair a sporty dress with leggings for a look that’s both stylish and comfy.

Create a silhouette

Monochrome outfits can sometimes hide your gorgeous curves, so it’s important to find the perfect balance. For example, highlight your waist by adding a belt to your look, or pair a fitted top with loose pants or vice-versa. By carefully structuring your outfit, you’ll feel über-confident when you look in the mirror!

By Caroline Elie


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