Inspire – Ann McMillan


“I was so tired that I stopped wearing mascara so that I could rub my eyes” – Ann tells us when we ask her about opening her own Pilates studio, while teaching and researching to write her Master’s Thesis.

In this Inspire episode we meet Ann McMillan, a professional dancer who brought Pilates to Montreal. We visited Ann in her downtown studio on 1224 Ste. Catherine St. West were we discussed about her passion for Pilates and her experience opening its first center in Quebec.


Ann was the first to established a scientific link between Pilates and improved dynamic posture in ballet dancers. Adapting her work to help dancers recover from injury and stay fit has been at the core of her practice from the start. Today, in her stunning 7th floor studio Ann McMillan offers “a whole buffet” of classes, athletic therapy, teacher training and even Pilates performances.


Be ware: Ann’s passion for her work is highly contagious. Are you ready to develop a craving for Pilates?