International Women’s Day Series: Katie Horan

lolë rep katie horan and her kids


“You are only as happy as the unhappiest kid in your family.” 

Says Katie Horan, Mother and Lolë S.W. Ontario Rep. And her comment felt so truthful and telling, that we had to hear more.


What is your biggest accomplishment?

Having a healthy and happy family is my biggest accomplishment. Cultivating friendships while keeping some sort of balance in your life is way harder than I thought. For sure I am not perfect at it but I love to try.


What do you dream of accomplishing next?

I am riding in the 2014 Ride to Conquer Cancer in June. This is something I am doing to support many of my friends and some customers who have had cancer in the last year. I’m a bit nervous as the only bike I own is a cruiser bike but I am sure it will be a great experience.

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What is your biggest challenge, and what do you do to overcome it?

I was diagnosed with a learning disability in grade 5. It affects how I read, the way I look at numbers and the way I process information. I went to an amazing school that helped me learn and then learned how to do my best. It doesn’t stop me from doing anything but sometimes I have to slow myself down and take my time to do my best.


What is your key to success?

I like to watch other people and then mimic the things they do right. As a visual learner I find it easier to watch and learn. It’s also great to take lessons and play with people who are better than you. Really brings up your game.


We met with Katie a year ago during an event in Montreal, except that time we caught her on camera!  If you want to hear about Katie from Katie herself, watch The People Behind the Brand.

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