International Women's Day Series: Melissa Hartwig

melissa hartwig - lole ambassador
In honour of the upcoming International Women’s Day, we will be featuring some of the women that inspire us the most: our amazing Lolë Ambassadors. Each of these women are unique, amazing and inspiring in her own way. Every day until March 8th you will have chance to meet somebody new.  But why stop there? Every week should have a Women’s Day!  So after these week’s features, we will be launching our Women Wednesday Series, where we will highlight one by one, the amazing women in our international community.


Today, we invite you to meet Melissa Hartwig
“I take one risk every day, because fear is what holds us back from living life to the fullest.” 


Melissa moved to Salt Lake City, UT with her husband Dallas in 2010 to launch Whole9, a community focused on health, fitness, balance and sanity. She is also the The New York Times bestselling author of It Starts With Food, a Certified Sports Nutritionist,  a Masters candidate in Health and Nutrition Education, a kettlebells coach, baby Atticus’ mom and a recent addition to the Lolë Ambassador family.
In short, Melissa is a super woman!
Her drive and success are a real inspiration and we wanted to learn how she does it. Lucky for us, Melissa is also a wonderful person, happy to share all her secrets!

Here’s our top 4:


Three wise ways to live every day to the fullest:

– I stay present and in the moment, whether I’m writing an article, talking with my husband, or playing with my son.

– I take one risk every day, because fear is what holds us back from living life to the fullest.

– I remind myself when things feel hard that being happy and staying positive is a choice. I’m not afraid to take a time-out, spend some quiet time alone, and come back to the situation with a whole new attitude.


The best way to set goals you will achieve:

– I only set one goal at a time, because habit research shows that the brain can’t effectively focus on more than one effort at once. I stick to timelines that feel manageable, generally working a specific goal for 30 days at a time, then evaluating whether I’ve been able to create a new habit or whether I need to stick with it longer.

– My goals are all related to personal development, because everything flows down from there. If I can be more positive, overcome my fears, be more willing to be vulnerable and open, that trickles down to everything else in my life–work, my relationships, even my health and fitness.


The best advice ever received:

A friend told me about parenting that:
“You will mess this up, so accept that up front, and don’t even try to be perfect.”  Honestly, I can apply this to everything in my life. I’m not perfect. I will hurt people, make mistakes, have bad judgment. It’s how I handle those situations, make amends, and learn from them that count, though.


A motto to live by:
It’s ever-changing. Right now, it’s “feel the fear and do it anyway.”
A few months ago, it was “take the things that can be simple and keep them simple.” My mantras change based on what I’m working on in my life at that time. 

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