International Women's Day Series: Molly Pennette

Molly and friends at Lolë Atelier Santa Barbara



Today, we invite you to meet Lolë Atelier Santa Barbara assistant manager and community coordinator, Molly Pennette.


Molly is a truly inspiring Jane-of-all-trades. Before joining the Lolë family, she worked as a nutritional advisor, a teaching assistant and tutor in sociology and anthropology, a yoga instructor and a stage and production manager, to name a few… Such colourful curriculum can only teach you one thing about success:


“Do what does not come naturally to you, that is the only way to make a transformation”

– Molly Pennette


Read on and learn 4 more bits of wisdom that may just change you…


Lolë: How do you live out loud every day?

Molly: I live out loud everyday by always using my inner power for good. I am an intense, passionate and emotional person who is loud, creative, fun and very energetic! I always have an opinion and am not afraid to share my true self and be vulnerable, allowing me to connect easily with others. I make a conscience effort every day to be myself and to always use my inner powers for the greater good.


Lolë: How do you set your goals?

Molly: I set goals daily and weekly, always looking towards what I need to accomplish in the present moment. These goals are for work, eating habits, working out, my yoga practice, and personal time goals. I establish at the beginning of the week a plan for all of the above so I can make sure to get in everything I want to do that week. I also set monthly goals for bigger endeavours, making sure I am well-prepared and can see the project through by any given deadline. I also set yearly goals for work, advancement in my career, travel, and personal growth.


Lolë: When working out you should always make sure to:

1. Stay focused and steady your breathing to pull you through any tough sport.
2. Do what makes you uncomfortable, find your edge, but not to the point of pain.
3. Do what you enjoy and always find comfort in the fact that you have a beautiful and strong body that knows what it needs, just listen.


Lolë: Who’s the most inspiring woman you know?

Molly: My mother is hands down the most inspiring woman I have ever met. She is such a good person and has instilled in me the same objective: to move through life doing as much good in as many places, to as many people as possible. She inspires me to be like her and be the best version of myself that I can be.



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