Jackets vs Elements – The Science Behind Winter Jackets

Ever stopped to think how your favourite jacket protects you from the cold, the wind and the rain? Here’s a few hints:


Jacket VS Wind

There are immeasurable measurement units across fields of interest. CFM is what we use to determine the amount of air that passes through a fabric. The lower the CFM, the higher the windproofness of the material. A fabric can manage to shield you from the wind by either the application of a special coating or by being tightly woven, like the fabric used in the Lolë packable jackets. Depending on what you’ll be doing outdoors, you will want to choose a jacket with the appropriate CFM. For instance, if you are running, wear something that is wind-resistant (as opposed to wind-proof), so that some fresh air gets in, and some not-so-fresh-air can come out (put simply, so that your sweat can dissipate).


Jacket VS Rain

Inevitably, rain-proofness (known as DWR -Durable Water Repellent) is achieved by a coating applied to the outer surface of the fabric, which keeps the rain and melting snow from penetrating. Fortunately, as the world grows more eco-conscious, companies like Blue Sign or Oeko-Tex exist to guide and advice anybody that, like Lolë, fosters an eco-friendly approach to fashion. Choose a jacket that will keep you dry, but that will also help keep the rain coming down as nature demands.


Jacket VS Lifespan

There is no fighting the cycle of life, but there are ways to keep it rolling longer. In the case if shell jackets or synthetically insulated coats tumble dry at low heat for a short time (5-10 min) to reactivate surface water repellence, then hung to dry. For the down insulated jackets: tumble dry at low heat and in a fully loaded dryer to help maintain feathers well spread out and to ensure a fresh smelling jacket after each wash. Tip in the absence of a sufficient laundry amount, use a couple tennis balls.


Jacket VS Myth

Contrary to popular belief, packable down insulated jackets are not like sleeping bags. No need to be stuff it haphazardly back into its pocket or bag to maintain quality. You can fold your jacket at leisure with only one contraindication: never pack it wet!

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