Lebert Equalizer: Fresh Yet Effective Fitness

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The Lebert Equalizer bars are a breath of fresh air in an industry where so many fitness products look and function alike. Invented in Toronto, Ontario, by personal trainer Marc Lebert, the Equalizer bars look a bit like metal hurdles – in your choice of (a very Lolëlooking) bright yellow or bubblegum pink.



While this product’s appearance is undoubtedly distinct, it was the versatile application that really won me over when I first tried the bars several years ago. At 28.5 inches high, the Lebert Equalizers were designed for upper-body and lower-body exercise, agility training, stretching, cardio, core work and more.



If you don’t have dumbbells or don’t feel like using them, you could lift one (or both) of the eight-pound Equalizer bars for conditioning biceps and shoulders. However, my favourite way to use the Lebert Equalizer bars is for bodyweight training of all kinds. That’s how this product really shines.



I haven’t found a better fitness tool for doing triceps dips, supine pull-ups and incline pushups. For lower-body exercise, the bars provide just the right leverage to help you zero in on leg, glute and hip muscles, using either both legs together or – my favourite challenge with the Equalizers – one leg at a time.



I started out using the Equalizer bars at home – following along to the beginner/intermediate DVD that comes with the product – but I had the most fun adding them to a social exercise environment. When I brought the Lebert Equalizers to a circuit class I was teaching at an all-women’s club in Vancouver, B.C., the participants loved them. The bars soon became a staple piece of equipment there.



The way I see it, not knowing what to do with this unique fitness tool simply isn’t an excuse. There’s plenty of guidance, such as the workout DVD and laminated poster of exercises that come with the product. Plus, the website hosts dozens of exercise video clips and photos and a free downloadable instructional video.



I encourage you to give Lebert Equalizers a try! Available at $114USD for two Equalizer bars.