Lolë Inspire Series: Debra Kellner


At Lolë we love to surround ourselves with people who feed our adventurous spirits, inspire us to reach our dreams and share our mission of wellness. Our photographer and filmmaker, Debra Kellner, is no exception.


Born and raised in the Canadian Outback, after beginning a career in the stock exchange, Debra traded the world of skyscrapers for the Silk Road as a photographer, author and cinematographer. Since then, she has been traveling the world finding amazing stories to publish in magazines like National Geographic, Paris Match, and The New York Times, and to share right here on the Lolë Blog.


We sat down for a long chat with her and selected a few of our favourite stories to share with you. Hit play and be amazed by Debra’s adventures in Rajasthan, the Himalayan and more….


Read about other adventures on Debra’s posts.

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