The season of giving begins in October for Lolë!

people wearing coats


You know that coat in the back of your closet that has such sentimental value… the old one you’ve kept in good shape, yet you dare neither use, nor give away? It’s time to let it go.


Actually, it’s time to let it move on. Give your pre-loved coat a second life.


The season of giving begins in October for us. In fact, we believe in giving all year round. We are committed to giving the best to ourselves, to others and to the world. The Lolë Yellow Label program is our way of inviting you to join and honouring your commitment.


For a fourth year in a row, the Lolë Yellow Label program will be encouraging responsible consumption while supporting local food banks in Canada and the USA.


This is what we call consumption with a heart.


We invite you to rescue that old coat from your closet. Make sure it abides by the Lolë Yellow Label certificate standards and swing it by any Lolë Atelier or Lolë Friends Store. We will either donate it to a local shelter, or clean it and sell it in one of our two Lolë Yellow Label Pop-Up Shops in Montreal and New York, which will dedicate 100% of proceeds to feeding the hungry.


During the Lolë Yellow Label program 2014, when you bring in an old coat, you will get a $50/30€ discount towards a new Lolë Jacket. Don’t forget that we are as committed to responsible consumption as much as you are! And this is why we take care to create good quality clothing you will be able to wear for many seasons and to many different occasions.


So… ready to donate your pre-loved coat?


Keep it’s memory for ever: put on your coat, take a picture and post it on your social media account with a brief description of it’s story, tagging @LoleWomen and using the hashtag #LoleYellowLabel.


Now you are ready to donate it! Here’s what to do.

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