Make your yoga wear a daily look

The boho child 2

“I love when my passions can be mixed and that’s what Lolë allows me to do ! The Lolë clothes are so good for yoga but also can be used with many outfits ! This is such a nice thing when you go to your class and want to meet friends after, go on dinner or just when you feel more comfy in a real outfit.
I like to be able to do yoga when I want, not just when I go the studio. And I need comfy clothes for that. That bra is so comfortable with a real good bust support.
I love wearing a typical sport look with my bra but also wear it as a typical one with a loose top. The Lolë tops are also good with skirts, leggings, and even kimonos to feel a bit chic !
I know I can mix fashion and yoga with that kind of clothes and I hope this will give you some ideas to try playing with your yoga closet !”

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The Boho Child:

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