Behind the scenes of the Montreal Lolë White Tour

  • Andrée-Anne Joly

On August 18, 2016, 19 Lolë ambassadors acting as primary and secondary teachers on the Lolë White Tour in Montreal, will wake up to a day that promises to be nothing short of how amazing our city’s yoga community is becoming. Now in it’s 5th year, the tour allows for thousands of yogis to gather, dressed in white as a symbol of peace, in order to practice and dedicate to their breathing, love and movement as one big family.

  • Andrée-Anne Joly

You think this rocks?

We do as well and have had the opportunity of interviewing some of the lucky chosen Lolë ambassadors to collect their thoughts and visions for this 5th edition of the Lolë White Tour in Montreal. The Lolë White Tour is becoming a movement, with 60 cities now hosting the Lolë White Tour on the Road event. It is transforming the yoga community by allowing yogis, both experienced and new, to discover the powerful message and vibration that is felt as we move together with intention, play and open hearts.

With Dawn Mauricio, Seane Corn and Geneviève Guérard as headliners and 16 Lolë ambassadors demonstrating as teachers and special event collaborators, the event at Quai Jacques-Cartier promises to be the cradle to yet another gathering for peace and awareness momentum within our city’s yoga community. For Dawn, who is now in her 3rd year as one of the primary teachers for the event, the Lolë White Tour in Montreal is here to “inspire others to make a positive difference in our society – sending messages of acceptance, transformation, love and celebration”.

When asked at our pre event planning meeting and intention setting session on June 21st, all of the ambassadors are most definitely on the same page: Montreal is becoming a huge hub for yoga. It is morphing into its own genre and its own colors. Studios across the city, events and gatherings are allowing for all traditions of yoga to mesh into one and simply encourage people over to their mats to build their own experiences and transformations, shares Genevieve Guérard, the second primary teacher at the Lolë White Tour in Montreal and the owner of Wanderlust Yoga Studio in the city. The Lolë White Tour is such a great example of this – of how Montreal is flourishing through movement and mindfulness. Great!

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As urban as the tour is with its venue in Old Montreal, it attracts people from all over the province. According to Manon Cloutier, one of the few ambassadors chosen to be on the smaller stages and who runs her studio in Saint-Léonard d’Aston, the Lolë White Tour is just like a gathering of hundreds of smaller villages. “My students are excited for me, and I am beyond honoured to be there on stage, sharing my passion and my love for yoga. A small town girl, there in the middle of this huge wave of yogis, feeling and sharing the love as one”. Marie-Eve Bertrand, also on the smaller stage with Manon, agrees and asks – what defines a small village? Can it be a Montreal neighbourhood with its own dynamics in a larger city? Residing in Hochelaga Maisonneuve, Marie-Eve also finds this opportunity an incredible way to communicate her love of yoga with thousands of people.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you grew up and now live in a village or the city – the August 18th Lolë White Tour offers its own dynamics as a vibrant, loving and proactive village of yoga in itself and all this in one of Montreal’s most stunning location. Join us, discover, feel and connect in this great gathering for peace and movement!


Nadia Bonenfant

Founder of JUNA Yoga—Retreats for Women

Nadia is one of our new ambassadors linked to the Montreal headquarters group. She has been active in the yoga community in Canada since 2004, and she founded the JUNA Yoga retreats, which combine the benefits of yoga, travel and outdoor sports for women, such as surfing, SUP yoga, skiing and cycling. Nadia takes immense pleasure in creating retreats and teacher training in yoga worldwide. Mother of two children, she often travels with her family, but home is in Mont-Tremblant. Nadia also takes part of the Wanderlust festivals, teaching in Hawaii, British Columbia, and across Quebec.

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