Meal planning for a healthy day


A breakfast of champions or a mid-morning snack smoothie bowls are truly an enjoyable and easy way to get loads of nutrients in.

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This recipe is full of magic; from sesame to miso to apple cider vinegar, your body will be glowing with good in no time. Loaded with micronutrients, miso is fantastic. Containing all essential amino acids, miso is a complete protein and is also a wonderful source of B vitamins, making this a great option for vegetarians and vegans.

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During the day

Whether before, after sports or just in everyday life, water is essential to all of life‘s processes. For added “punch”, here are our suggestions for adding ingredients, depending on your current needs.

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For tonight, why not enjoy a Kabocha Pumpkin Soup ?
Asian in character with rich coconut milk as a flavor enhancer, this Southeast Asian-inspired sweet pumpkin soup will have your guests guessing at the table, and wanting seconds and leftovers still.

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