Meditation Kellen

Meditation: A daily pause for lifelong peace

Meditation Kellen

As a Lolë ambassador I was asked to submit a personal mantra for Lolë’s February Meditation Challenge. Since February is also heart health awareness month, I reflected on what personal quote best relates to my heart.


I chose, “Soft surrender is as important as hard work.


Often during the course of a workday or even a running workout, my mind wants to push. This approach is ultimately not sustainable for the body or mind. I’ve come to realize the power of a rest or break. The power of surrendering.


The most powerful way for me to meditate on daily basis is to take a little break and bring my awareness and focus to my heart center.


According to Ayurveda, the heart is the home for all life and happiness.


The nutrient and oxygen-rich blood constantly flows through the physical heart. A key factor in immunity, ojas, is produced in the heart. All emotions are processed through the energetic heart. And the heart is the seat of the soul and source of creative inspiration.


The heart is your treasure chest. And daily self-care practices, like meditation, are the priceless treasures.


When we learn to nourish through self-care, we are able to flourish everywhere. Flourish in marriages, partnerships, friendships, families, careers, creativity, and community.


A moment of quiet meditation, where I simply close my eyes, bring my attention to my heart, and watch my breath is powerful. It allows me to expand into other relationships from a place of balance, groundedness, and generosity.



Here are two self-care tips to begin to foster the practice of meditation in your daily routine.


1 | YOGA


The heart is the home for all life, creativity and happiness. Open and rejuvenate your heart with a slow reclining spinal twist, followed by supported bridge pose. Visualize smooth flow of blood in heart and through veins and arteries. Nourish your heart and flourish your soul’s desires.





This Ayurvedic acupressure point nourishes the physical heart and helps balance emotions. With hands in prayer, gently place thumbs on mid-sternum for one to three minutes. Reflect on what stresses in your life that you wish to surrender and release. Breath Meditation: Inhale serenity. Exhale stress.


Even five minutes of daily meditation nourishes the body, rejuvenates the mind, and fills the heart. Take a moment today to close your eyes, align with the steady rhythm of your heart, and breathe slow and deep until you feel your body and mind return to a state of ease.



Here is a sweet inspirational card with three more tips:

Valentine card

Enjoy meditation as a practice of soft surrender.

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