Meet Lolë ambassador Natalja

Lolë ambassador


Meet Natalja, Lolë ambassador: her life, her passions, her Lolë White Tour experience


Natalja, a native of Latvia, has been travelling the world since the age of 16. A curious soul by nature, she’s a young woman who loves to drink in different cultures. After visiting Sydney, New York, Milan and London, she finally set down some permanent roots in Paris. For this yogini, each day is unique. “Sometimes, I have casting calls and I work all day. I try to vary my activities, but there are certain things I never neglect, most particularly the activities I love!” she
says. She even takes time each morning to thank the sun for the coming day. “It’s a sacred ritual. As soon as I open my eyes, I say a prayer and ask for divine protection.” In addition to being a voracious reader on every subject—“I’m very curious,” she admits—Natalja cooks every day. “I believe that it’s important and healthy to be in direct contact with the food we eat.”

When did you first begin to do yoga?
When I was still very young and didn’t know what meditation was, I would tell my mother that I needed a moment “for myself.” I would lie down alone, with my eyes closed, and think of nothing. I would concentrate on my breathing. It was easier to do when I was younger; I would do it by instinct. I believe that doing this helped me because I was very busy pursuing my studies and my career simultaneously. I was exhausted, and these precious moments helped me find my center again.

What does being at peace mean to you?
For me, being at peace means being focused, concentrated and whole. I am at peace with myself when I am not disturbed by external events. When this happens, my spirit, my body and my soul are in balance. I always feel a kind of harmony after I meditate. Harmony and love!

Tell us about your Lolë White Tour de Paris experience…
It was magical. So incredible. A unique gathering. I felt the energy of all the experienced yogis as well as the purity of the neophytes. There was no ageism, sexism or elitism regarding levels of yoga experience. The simple fact of being in the midst of all those people, of feeling connected to all of them, brought tears to my eyes. I am so grateful to Lolë for giving me the chance to participate in this event. I have never experienced anything so intense in all my life! Meeting 1,500 people who share the same passion, who want to live the same experience, who are connected to the same vision…with everyone all dressed in white, smiling and hugging…surrounded by love and peace. It was breathtaking!

Where is your favourite place to do yoga?
I practice yoga at home. My house is my temple. I travel a great deal and I practice yoga everywhere I go, but home remains my favourite place to do yoga.

Where did you get your yoga teacher certification?
I went to the YogaWorks school in New York. I completed my certificate there in 2014. I loved their approach and teaching methodology.

What do you wear when you do yoga?
I don’t need sophisticated clothing. That’s why I love wearing Lolë; it’s comfortable, versatile and simple clothing with beautiful details made from magnificent fabrics.

What are your favourite items in the fall collection?
Without a doubt, the yoga collection is my favourite because the fabrics are eco-friendly and ultra soft. In addition to having two very practical front pockets, Salutation leggings are the perfect length for me (I’m very tall). It’s possible to cut them to the desired length is you’re shorter! I have also made the Mukha top my own, as its loose fit is extremely comfortable during meditation or for daily life.

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