Morning Yoga Routine

What better way to begin the day than to take a moment for yourself by unrolling your yoga mat?

This short sequence will fill you with energy and inspiration to last throughout the day.
Take approximately 3 to 5 deep breaths per pose. Happy training!

1. Virasana

• Elongate the spine
• Close your eyes
• Take three deep breaths

2. Cow Pose

• Arch your lower back
• Raise your tailbone, chest and face

3. Cat Pose

• Push your hands into the ground
• Round your spine

4. Adho Mukha Svanasana

• Place your feet in line with your hips, heels toward the ground
• Place your hands in line with your shoulders, fingers spread
• Raise your hips to create an inverted V

5. Anjaneyasana

• Place your feet in line with your hips
• Raise your arms toward the sky
• Engage your core muscles

Remember to focus on your breathing


6. Ardha Hanumanasana

• Stretch your leg forward
• Place your hips above the left knee
• Lean your upper body above your stretched leg

7. Virabhadrasana 2

• Open your toes from your right foot
• Bend your knee at a 90 degree angle
• Keep your shoulders above your open hips
• Elongate your arms parallel to the ground

8. Trikonasana

• Open your toes from your right foot
• Elongate both legs
• Push your hips to one side, stretch the length of the other side
• Place one hand on one leg, and the other toward the sky

9. Parsvakonasana

• Open your toes from your right foot
• Bend your knee at a 90 degree angle
• Place your elbow on your thigh, or your hand on your ankle
• Stretch your other arm above your ear

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Eve Guilbert

Yoga teacher at Wanderlust and Énergie Cardio, Lolë ambassador for three years

I discovered yoga in 2008. Having done ballet from childhood to adolescence, I found in yoga the same benefits that dance brought me, and even more. In 2009, I started teaching different styles to group classes in fitness centres. This experience was very rewarding to me because, among other things, it helped develop my confidence. Meanwhile, my passion for yoga has grown steadily. Last year, I made the best decision of my life, which was to follow the Wanderlust teacher training. What I want more than anything is to continue to learn and to help students through the practice of yoga.

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