Musical Baby Steve

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Do you have a passion? A dream to do something great that you love? In some way we all do. In my case, it is music. It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 late July that I wondered where this dream came from. When was I first inspired to play and sing my song to the world?


I was sitting inside an open-mic night in Reno, Nevada living out of a back pack and of course rocking the little bar off the street known as the “Strega.” As soon as I was done playing, singing, and dancing my feet off, I stepped out for some air and a drink. The owner of the bar was standing outside and we struck up a conversation about

the music. He asked me something I had never been asked before,  “So when do you first remember really hearing and seeing music, and feeling inspired by it?” My response was instantly, “ I have always heard melodies and since I was a baby I have always been around music.”  However I thought to myself, when was my first memory of really being affected by music? Baffled by the thought I looked up at the stars and it all flooded back.


There I was, barley two years old and sitting on my mother’s lap watching my very first music video on MTV.  I had no idea that something people carelessly see every day was about to affect me forever and change my life. The video was “Give it away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, one of their grooviest jams; it sent all 20 pounds of my extremely energetic body flying all over the house. At this age my memories aren’t clear yet this moment in time stands out to me for two reasons. First, this was the first time I heard music and actually saw how it was made. What was that many-stringed thing in Flea’s (the bass player) hand?! How were they having that much fun?!


Their funky beats and bass lines had sent my little legs dancing all over the house, and into the freshly mopped kitchen, with socks on, which brings me to the second reason why this day was memorable> It just so happened to be the first time I learned the lesson that socks on a clean kitchen floor can only be bad news and after hitting my tiny little head on the kitchen table you can bet I put a memo in my book of safety guidelines. Having the energy of twelve kids packed into one was already a bit challenging for a single mother and in that moment you can imagine that force was tripled. However, after all the hype of a two year old boy crying with a hurt noggin, my mother, a well known classic rock radio Dj and with a deep passion for music, turned on a calm Led Zeppelin song and sat me back on the couch. I seem to recall her explaining softly to me the power of music and how it can help you to dance and have fun, as well as calm you and offer comfort when you are sad. I simply looked up at my mom and said “Sounds like magic mum.” I now feel as if something changed in me that day. That night, as I drifted slowly into sleep, my little dreams were filled with images of me playing on the stage in my heart.


As I faded back into that moment outside the bar I recognized a feeling I hadn’t felt since that day as a kid. A feeling that anything is possible. It was nice to be reminded of such a time with the help of nothing but a question from a stranger. We finished our drinks and I walked “home” for the night. To a warm patch of grass under a bridge in town, I fell asleep singing “Give it away, Give it away, Give it away now.”