Lolë Atelier New York

New York City: Now Open!

Lolë Atelier Soho


Last weekend Lolë turned Soho into Sohome, with the opening of our first “Atelier” in the trendy New York City neighbourhood.


As you probably know by now, Lolë stands for Live Out Loud Everyday. There is no such thing as business as usual for us, every action requires passion and everything we do is unique. We believe in buying less (conscious consumption), we offer free workouts and workshops, host yoga classes in museums, and help shape the communities where we live and play.


Following on this philosophy, our versatile clothes are designed to serve an urban lifestyle that is active, eco-conscious and community driven. Lolë clothes are inspired by and designed for wellbeing. We felt that they needed more than a regular store… that is why in 2010 we began opening Lolë Ateliers around the world.


What is a Lolë Atelier?

A place where you can hang out, meet extraordinary women, surf the internet, join the conversation on social media, share wellness tips or hop on a free workout. Oh! And shop the Lolë collection, of course.


Lolë and New York, a Perfect Match

Our home in Soho is the new hub for an already buzzing community that counts with the support of local yogi-stars, runners, nutritionist, stylists and more! Local Lolë Ambassadors include Colleen Saidman Yee, Elena Brower, Lauren Imparato, Katherine Ellis and Marissa Vicario, to name a few.


Move with Lolë in New York City

Ok, you missed the Lolë White Tour session at the MoMA… thou inarguably this was a unique opportunity, the summer has just started and we’ve already planned a whole lot of activities, like a meet-up series at Hudson River Park. See the entire schedule on the Lolë New York Fan Page, and while you are there be sure to hit “Like” so you get up to the minute news, including other free events with the local ambassadors named before. You can also discover our top New York yoga studios and ad your favourite spots to the list!


Giving Back

Community is at the core of our being and giving back is a key aspect of our brand. 100% of the proceeds from the WHITE BY LOLË™ collection will go to support wellness programs that promote an active lifestyle in communities in cities that, like New York, have been host to the Lolë White Tour. Additionally, every fall we run a Yellow Label campaign that turns your used coats into funds to feed those in need.


Stay in touch!

For the latest Lolë news sign up to our mailing list. Or better yet, visit us in Soho at 112 Mercer Street, between Prince St and Spring St.

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