Oats for healthy snacks with Praeventia

It’s no secret now that oats have many health benefits. They are high in fibre, contain B vitamins, and even contain antioxidants.

Oats for healthy snacks

If you want a simple snack to take with you to eat before or after your workout (or after the Lolë White Tour 😉 ), these Praeventia cookies by Leclerc will become your new best friends! Conveniently wrapped in perfect portion sizes, they will satisfy you with those ingredients like oats that offer a multitude of benefits.

In fact, oats contain fibre that helps to lower blood sugar levels, and cholesterol. Fibre also helps your body to get rid of toxins more easily, which may have been released during a workout.  Fibre also eases your cardiovascular system, so you can push yourself further.

When you do any kind of physical activities, your body needs energy of course, but did you know that the harder the workout, the more free radicals your body produces? That’s why it’s important to eat foods that are high in antioxidants since these will support your body in fighting the free radicals at a cellular level. Antioxidants are found in many foods, including blueberries, red wine, dark chocolate, even ginger and oats. Antioxidants are also good at helping to reduce inflammation, which your muscles will need in order to recover better.

That’s why Praeventia simplifies your snacks by including these super ingredients in their cookies. No matter which kind you choose, you know there’s something good in them!


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