Our exclusive interview with Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen

yoga girl Rachel Brathen
Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen took some time to answer our questions about life, her practice and her well-being ritual!

What is your favorite “asana” and is there is a place where you prefer practicing ?

It changes all the time but right now my favourite is Frog Pose! I practice in my yoga room at home, in the living room or in the garden.

Do you have a special ritual “well-being”, do you mind sharing it with us?

I oil pull every morning and drink a big cup of hot lemon water. Then, yoga! It’s my 3-step ritual for wellbeing 🙂

What is the best advise you ever received?

To not take life as serious as your mind makes it out to be. Get some perspective. There is so much to enjoy – why focus on worst-case scenarios?

What kind of clothes do you wear when you practice?

I have no favourite brands – sometimes I wear my pajamas, sometimes I wear high-performance yoga wear… Just depends on my mood.


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yoga girl

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