Packing a Green Suitcase

green suitcase


Here’s 5 Tips for Making Your Luggage More Eco-Friendly:


1.Pick a Suitcase Made of Natural Materials.

You know that noisy clunking sound that hard case luggage makes when it is coming off of the conveyor belt at an airport? Do you ever wonder how long that solid metal or plastic container will take to degrade in the ground? The answer is – A REALLY LONG TIME! It is much better to purchase a durable, multi-use suitcase made of natural fibers. If you really need a hard shell to protect your travel goods then look for hard case luggage made of recycled material – or buy a used case online.


2. Pack Less (versatility)… Aurelia Dress (Linen and organic cotton) – dries fast

When it comes to packing, less is always more in regards to the environment. The more suitcases that you travel with, the more fuel it will take to get you from one place to another – plus there is a greater chance you will loose a parcel and managing all those different bags can be a real hassle. Instead focus on packing a smaller bag with many multiuse items and outfits. Consider the Lolë Aurelia Dress – it is made with 55% organic cotton and can be worn comfortably to the beach or pool, yet the item is sophisticated enough to be synched with a belt and worn to a romantic outdoor dinner on the streets of Paris. Plus, because the top is also comprised of 45% linen, it requires less time in a drier – or better yet, it you can simply hang it outside in the sun.


3. Leave Electronics at Home

This is a vacation, right?! Learn to unplug from the daily demands of our high-tech world – after all, all those devices take electricity to operate. Instead, consider bringing a book, journal or sketchpad. It may be unrealistic to leave all your tech toys at home, so you may want to prioritize and bring the most multi-use item, such as an I-phone. That way you still have a camera, video recorder, e-mail and internet browser all in one device.


4. Pack your Walking/Running Shoes

The best way to tour a new destination is often NOT on a crowded tour bus. Experience the location on your own terms, and speed, by packing a pair of active shoes. You could go for an early morning run to smell the local bakeries baking their bread, or watch the flower and produce markets have their fresh goods delivered. Or sleep-in, and then take a walk with a self-guided tour book – you can also, ask the locals where to head for the best views, shopping, or food.


5. Include Reusable Items in Your Luggage

The more reusable items you pack, the less waste you will create. Consider bringing a reusable water bottle. If you prefer filtered water, you can buy a water bottle with a filter built-in. Also, if you are taking items that require standard batteries then think about taking reusable batteries. You can also pack larger food and toiletry items to avoid throwing away trial and snack-size packaging.


Photo by better than naked found here