Pleasure is healthy for you!



Did you know that sex can make you feel better?  Ok, maybe you did know that.  But did you know that there is scientific evidence that sex and pleasure benefit your body and overall health?


When you experience sexual pleasure or orgasm your body releases Oxytocin which has anti anxiety effects and promotes growth and healing. Oxytocin is sometimes referred to as the “cuddle hormone” because it promotes that cuddly, cozy feeling in your body.


Orgasm also releases endorphins into your system.  Endorphins give you that calm and relaxed feeling you get after exercising.  Here’s a fun fact: Having sex can actually help you stay healthier by improving your immune system.  Isn’t that exciting?  I would take more orgasms and fewer colds any day!


Finally, a scientific study found that men having the most orgasms reduced their prostate cancer risk by a full third compared with those men reporting the fewest orgasms.  I think that deserves saying again.  Orgasms reduced these men’s risk of cancer!  Sex can make positive changes in your body and your health.


There are lots of other benefits to sex that we all know without science having to tell us about them.  Sex feels good.  Sex is fun.  Sex is a great way to bond with someone.  Good sex can make us feel better about ourselves.  Knowing how to give ourselves orgasms can improve self-esteem and make us feel more powerful in our bodies.


So here are some ideas of how to treat sex as the important health booster it is.


1. Make time for pleasure just like you make time for exercise and preparing healthy food.
2. Find out what feels good to your body!  Use the hands on approach for this and get lots of practice.
3. Try new things that might be pleasurable.  New positions, new toys, new fantasy ideas.  Part of valuing pleasure is seeking it out.  Have lots of fun along the way.
4. Prioritize asking partners for what you want.  Caring partners want to make you feel good and will be happy to get some direction about what you like.  Of course, in order to be able to tell someone else what you want you will have to know what you want.  See number 2.
5. Make sure you are making informed decisions about safer sex.  In order to get all the benefits of pleasure you need to know you are making sexual decisions you feel happy with.


So have fun and improve your health one orgasm at a time.

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